Whether you’re going to London or Kathmandu, Thailand or the United States, to the mountains of Pakistan or the Colombian jungle or another but my travel tips will be useful wherever you go on this incredible planet. Here are my 7 best travel tips for a successful road trip abroad.

1.Book your plane ticket in advance, but not too early

In general, the best time to book airline tickets is 1 to 3 months before departure. Do not book a year in advance or at the last second, the prices will not necessarily be cheaper and you will have no flexibility. Airline fares are constantly changing and there is no quick fix to get the best price guaranteed. You can easily check prices by month, which can help you decide which day of a month to have the cheapest flights.

2. Traveling off season if possible

One of the most true and proven tips for international travel is that you should enjoy off-season prices. Seriously some of the world’s most famous cities may seem completely different in the off season. The museums will be deserted, the streets will be inhabited by locals and not by tourists and the prices will be much more reasonable. Mid seasons are great times to travel because you will avoid the crowds of tourists and enjoy the weather. This is my favorite time to travel.

3. Make copies of your papers

A nightmare scenario for travelers is the loss of a passport. Nobody wants that. That said, it can happen and having copies of your passport and other important documents will really help you get by until you have a replacement passport. An expert traveler has this mentality: “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”. You must also leave a copy of your passport at home or at someone you trust.

4. Traveling light

A classic mistake is to overload. Traveling with 3 pairs of shoes, a makeup bag that weighs 4 pounds, 3 or 4 jackets, 15 t-shirts, 5 different cameras and more than one large backpack is not necessary. First, when packing, take the stack of clothes you think you need and divide the number in half. Then divide it again in half. Rather than taking a few bad items, invest in versatile equipment and clothing that adapts to different climates. Over time, you will only carry the bare necessities and you will be much happier when your bag is of a comfortable weight. If you do not use what you want to bring at least once a week, then it does not belong in your luggage. Here is what you need: A microfiber towel They are not always provided and / or have a hygiene that leaves something to be desired. Microfiber towels absorb more, dry faster and are lighter than a classic towel. For travelers, they are one of the most useful items they can have in their bag. Synthetic clothes Synthetic garments are much more durable and much easier to wash and dry than cotton garments. Opt for clothes that do not need to be ironed either. Good shoes Apart from your backpack, your shoes may be the most useful piece of equipment you have. Ideally, you should travel with versatile and lightweight shoes that are suitable for both urban walking and hiking. That said, avoid carrying several pairs of shoes. Just take a pair that covers all your needs according to your destination. A way or rain jacket When the sky is overcast and the rain falls, we are happy to have a kway. Unless you are traveling in the desert or in another dry place, it will rain at some point during a trip. An external backup battery In developing countries, power cuts are sudden and frequent. It is therefore necessary to provide a backup battery.

5. Learn the basics of the local language

Try to learn at least some basic words of the language spoken in the country where you are traveling. Locals really appreciate that you make an effort to learn their language. Knowing the local languages also has huge benefits for you. If you can count in the local language, you are less likely to be ripped off. And it is much easier to haggle and ask for advice in the local language too.

6. Speak with the inhabitants

Too often, there is a gap between tourists and locals. Certainly, all travelers want an authentic travel experience, and connecting with locals is a great way to make the most of your travels. Get out of the phone addiction and get back to the real purpose of the trip: meet people and have your mind enriched with experiences. Do not let your only interaction with locals be limited to ordering food at a restaurant or buying souvenirs at a store. Take the time to stop and talk with locals. Ask questions about their reality. Find out what they like to eat and where. Find out what they like to do in the place where they live. Couch surfing is an epic way to meet the locals.

7. Doing couch surfing

One of my favorite ways to meet locals and save money at the same time is to use couch surfing. If you really want to experience life with a local, I can not recommend you better. You can make lifelong friends through the platform and gain a perspective you would never have considered otherwise. On the other hand, as the hosts are kind enough to welcome you for free, do not come empty handed. In any case, it is important to learn about its destination upstream. The more you know about a place, the more you can enjoy it and enjoy it.

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