The Carnival of Ninove

Belgium 3

Ninove celebrates its Carnival every year from 4 to 7 March, the inhabitants of Ninove are very interested in this event and are preparing it for all year round.

The carnival Sunday parade is called the Sunday Pink Train. This parade, which is expected of all, already existed since 1960, it crosses the main streets of the city and has about 50 groups of participants.

The groups find in this Carnival the opportunity to let go their craziest inspirations according to the subjects and the themes already given, each year there is a nomination of the best carnival trolley.

The Sunday Rose Train is the highlight of the carnival weekend and takes place on Sunday, Saturday is dedicated to children, who also have their mini carnival which is also quite popular in Ninove.

Monday there is a party in the streets of the city with the carrot mascot which is the symbol of this carnival. On Tuesday afternoon the carnival of Ninove ends as every year by the nomination of the prince of the carnival of Ninove whose identity must remain a well-kept secret.

The end of the carnival is marked by the immolation of the carrot mascot, a moment of ultimate emotion marking the end of the festivities and the beginning of counting for the next One.