Winter is already here and lovers of this season are looking for the ideal destinations to spend their winter holidays, the ski slopes are the most coveted places at this time of year, the choices are multiple but difficult to have an idea or an exact choice for a successful holiday. To help you we offer you in this post the 10 best ski destinations in the world, make your choice and do not wait any longer.

1- Mont Tremblant, Canadahttps

The 10 best ski destinations in the world in 2019

It’s one of the best ski slopes in the world; Mont Tremblant is characterized by its breathtaking view of the Laurentians and a vast ski area, the entirely pedestrian village consists of several shop and restaurant that allow you to spend very pleasant moments with your children your friends and your loved ones.

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Lonely Planet recently released its Best in Travel for 2018, a comprehensive guide that includes the top 10 cities, countries and regions to visit this year, as well as the most profitable destinations.Here are the choices of Lonely Planet for the top 10 cities to visit in 2018.

10- Oslo, Norway

10 Top destinations for 2018 7

Oslo, the capital of Norway is one of the best destinations for 2018. this year Oslo celebrates 50 years of marriage between the king and the queen, but also the opera of the city which celebrates 10 years, many cultural events will be organized, as well as shows and concerts.If you love architecture, you will be impressed by this city; Oslo has developed many contemporary buildings in recent years.

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Who does not know the famous yellow M ? Today, there are approximately 36,600 McDonald’s restaurants around the world. Some of these restaurants are characterized by their unique and special interior and exterior location. Let’s look at some of McDonald’s most extraordinary restaurants in the world.

1- Taupo, New Zealand

The most unusual McDonald's restaurants in the world

This is one of the nicest places you can eat McDonald’s on Lake Taupo in New Zealand. Not only is the place very pleasant, you can also enjoy your menu in a plane that has never really flown.

1. Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur, India

Umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the most luxurious and most majestic hotels in Jodhpur. The hotel is housed in the palace of the Maharaja, who also lives in the place. There are 64 rooms spacious rooms and suites. Umaid Bhawan offers both an indoor and an outdoor pool

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