will we be able to travel again this year ?! 3


will we be able to travel again this year ?!

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“We will be the last”

AMSTERDAM ♦ At the earliest in winter, and perhaps only next spring: then air tourism will start again.  That is what Steven van der Heijden thinks, the CEO of travel organization Corendon.  A seasoned professional with thirty years of experience, the Dutchman has a strong vision for the restart of this severely affected industry.

will we be able to travel again this year ?! 1

CEO Steven van der Heijden: “I can imagine that some excesses will disappear.

The weekend trips by plane, for example.”  (photo Corendon)

♦ How’s Corendon doing in these unreal times?

Not good, huh.  This is the case for everyone in our sector.  Whoever claims otherwise does not speak the truth.  We are hit very hard.  Our turnover amounts to approximately 600 million euros.

will we be able to travel again this year ?! 2

If we don’t start up before October 31st, we will lose seventy to eighty percent.  That is enormous.  A significant number of our employees have hibernated.  Another part is working hard on exit scenarios.  We should be happy to work in a country that financially supports its companies (Netherlands, ed.).  We also depend on that support today.

♦ The Belgian government’s exit strategy hardly mentions the restart of the travel industry. Were you disappointed?

The Belgian government’s exit strategy hardly mentions the restart of the travel industry.  Were you disappointed?  Be glad that your country already has a strategy on paper.  The Dutch government is going from press conference to press conference.  (laughs) I would have liked to hear a little more about our industry, but I understand that too.  Let’s be realistic: we may be the last activity in the reboot.

♦ How do you see that restart?

This will take place in two phases.  First local travel, especially in your own country, then international travel.  I only see the latter getting underway in winter, or maybe even next spring.  We actually depend on three factors.  One: what does the country of origin say?  Two: what does the country of destination say?  Belgium and the Netherlands have no answers ready yet three: do people want to travel again?  those questions.

♦ What do you think?

it will take time before people go on big journeys again. Initially, a majority will opt for a holiday close by., preferably with your own car.

Will we be able to travel again this year ?! 4

We rely on two main target groups for our package tours.  One: the families with children who travel in the summer months.  I see them traveling again quite quickly, because they want to go away with the children anyway.  Two: the so-called empty nesters, the people like children who often travel in the low season.  They may have a little more fear.  They are often over sixty years old, so they belong to the risk groups.

♦ Can you take away that fear?

We do not have full control over this, but we try to do that by taking measures.  We cannot guarantee a meter and a half in an airplane.

Will we be able to travel again this year ?! 5

Otherwise, only twenty percent of the seats are occupied.  We will foresee other measures.  A mouth mask for example.  But I especially expect a lot from the so-called rapid tests.  Then we know in advance who is healthy and who is not.  That will be someone’s entrance ticket.

” We cannot guarantee a meter and a half in an airplane.Otherwise, only 20% of the seats are occupied.”

♦ Are there still people making reservations today ?

That number is negligibly small.  A few thousand.  That is barely two percent of and, the normal booking volume.  There are people who want to spend their voucher.

Will we be able to travel again this year ?! 6

If you see your trip canceled, we will give you a voucher.  We are currently making the summer program for next year bookable so that they can already choose.  This year has been lost, but I think that next year will return to normal, partly because of all those folders in circulation.  Moreover, many people yearn for holidays,

♦ Will travel become more expensive after this crisis ?

The cost structure will be different.  Hotels will become cheaper, because there will be less demand.  The fuel is also cheaper, which means that flying can be done cheaper.

Will we be able to travel again this year ?! 7

At the same time, the costs for the measures can be passed on.  For example, the tests.  It is difficult to estimate that.  But I am not pessimistic.  It will mainly be the shareholders who will bear the losses of the travel organizations.

♦ Can this also have positive consequences ?

(blows) You can.  Every crisis can have positive consequences.  We may take a significant step towards sustainable aviation.  Traveling will also be more hygienic, because of all those measures.  And I can imagine some excesses disappearing.  The weekends with the plane are another example.  But I especially hope that we can go on holiday again soon, as before.

In 2018, 1,235 billion people visited a country other than their own, according to the World Tourism Organization.

France, country of the Eiffel Tower and gastronomy

With its 69 million of tourist on 2019 January to September , France is at the top of the most visited countries. There is, indeed, material to discover and admire in this beautiful country. Know that France is renowned worldwide for its gastronomy a true architectural garden of Eden. Thus, many buildings make its fame. Among these is the reference: the Eiffel Tower. Everyone has heard about it and wants to see it, touch it, ride it. It is the greatest symbol of Paris and France.

Spain is not known only for its football clubs

Spain follows France very closely in the ranking of the most tourist countries in the world. According to UNWTO, almost 82.8 million people went there in 2018! Only five million less than France people come mainly to visit the most famous cities Madrid and Barcelona. The Camp Nou Park Güell, the Gothic Quarter, the Rambla. But still Casa Mila and Montjuic Hill in Madrid the Santiago Bernabéu Estadio, the Royal Palace, the Prado Museum as well as the Cybele Palace, Plaza Mayor and Retico Park.

The United States, land of the Statue of Liberty

The world’s leading power could not stay out of the top three. The United States, whose most famous monument is the Statue of Liberty, welcomed 79.6 million tourists in 2018.

Time Square (New York) is the most visited skyscraper

Memorial Park Washington is also very visited. Like the natural parks of Monument Valley and Yellowstone. In the fifty states of the federation, we find landscapes that are breathtaking! Including: the Grand Canyon in Arizona and the vast Colorado desert.

China and its wall

China, the world’s most populous country is the fourth preferred tourist. The Great Wall is the monument-emblem of the Chinese nation. Of the 61 million annual tourists no less than 10 leave only to see the wall.

Italy, land of the Romans

The glorious past of Italy, the cradle of Roman civilization, is not foreign to the interest it provokes among tourists. Sicily, one of the most visited regions, is best known for its Aeolian islands. Another monument that never fails is the Colosseum of Rome, an impressive amphitheater and then there is the Italian food of course! Pizzas, pasta, mozzarella are examples that come immediately to mind.

Mexico, land of the Mayans

Mexico is the first of five other top 10 countries. More than 41.4 million people visited in 2018. Sites inherited from the Mayan civilization are the most tourists. This is the case for example in the city of Chichen Itza,
The other places that win the membership are Cancun, Los Cabos, Riviera Maya, Tinum, without forgetting Mexico.

UK a big island well in the world

The country of his gracious majesty follows Mexico very closely. And there is no shortage of arguments. Already, language is not at all a barrier for tourists. English is spoken and understood by billions of human beings. Trafalgar Square is London’s main attraction. Other sites and monuments to see absolutely:

Turkey, a dive into the remains of the Ottoman Empire

With 39.49 million visitors registered in 2018, that is to say, about the number of visitors that have hosted the United Kingdom, Turkey is doing well! It is famous especially for its seaside resorts. The capital Istanbul is just a remarkable city. You can easily like it for Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque and more the Grand Bazaar, the Museum of Modern Art and the Glalata Tower.
Traveling without even having to leave your home is now possible. Discover in this article how to do. Travel to Paris or the Serengeti National Park, visit museums and zoos around the world or see the Earth from space for free without even having to leave your home and it’s now possible. Now wants to share with you few great ways to travel without having to leave your home. Of course, virtual trips will never replace real trips. But virtual travel is another opportunity to discover the world for free, without fatigue and at any time without having to leave any day or leave RTT. On the other hand, traveling virtually is a great way to explore new places and plan your upcoming trips.

1 Street View hikes

Launched in 2007, Google Street View is a service that is not new. On the other hand which is less known is that in addition to filming the streets around the world and the Street View team loves to take pictures of the most beautiful places on Earth. With these photos and technology from Google, it is now possible to make virtual trips to the four corners of the world from the following Internet addresses. These trips will give you the opportunity to walk in the gardens of the Taj Mahal, to take a look at the Burj Khalifa the highest skyscraper in the world located in Dubai or to see Paris from any observation points of the Eiffel Tower. You can also travel to less known destinations such as the magnificent Wieliczka salt mines in Poland or dive off the coast of the Galapagos Islands.

2 Virtual museums

Released in February 2011 Google Art Project allows you to discover tens of thousands of paintings from the best museums in the world from your living room. Each painting has been scanned in high resolution so that you can spot every brushstroke on Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” canvas. You can also look straight into Botticelli’s Venus eyes without having to go to the Uffizi Gallery in Milan. Some museums have allowed Google to digitize their premises so that we can now walk around the Doge’s Palace in Venice or watch ancient sculptures at the Acropolis Museum in Athens while sitting comfortably on our sofa.

3 The International Space Station (ISS) camera

Thanks to the Internet, traveling in space is now accessible to everyone. You can admire beautiful photos of Mars taken by the robot Curiosity from the Facebook profile of Mars Curiosity or admire live Earth from space as if you were located aboard the ISS, 400 km above the floor.

4 Web cams from around the world

If you find that the view from the ISS is too high and scary if you can still do virtual tourism in a more down to earth way. If you’re a fan of the Beatles for example you can visit the legendary Abbey Road pedestrian crossing without having to leave your chair. You can also spend a few hours admiring Atlanta Zoo pandas from. Finally, Earthcam.com offers an impressive collection of web cams around the world from New York to Bangkok. A great way to kill time if you do not know what to do next 5 minutes and make sure that time zones really exist!

5 Take a night walk in Marseille

The Night Walk is a unique concept. Julie and Christophe two locals – will make you discover the lively streets of Marseille by night in complete immersion as if you were there thanks to 360 ° panoramic photos taken from Google Maps. They will make you discover lanes known only locals, night bars where play local jazz bands, panoramic views of the city Marseille Punctuated with interesting comments, the visit of Marseille by night is very interesting and will allow you to better know the history and culture of the city.

6 Travels to Serengeti Park

The human smell is always the most problematic when you want to photograph wildlife which Unlike humans, machines do not smell, which allows them to get closer to animals without frightening or disturbing them. The results are breathtaking as you can see in this video from Serengeti, a natural park in northern Tanzania.
Lonely Planet experts have rummaged the globe in search of destinations that should not be missed in the months to come. Unforgettable experiences, new trends and renewal for some or places still unknown to tourists, discover the 10 countries of our Best of 2019.

1 Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is definitely enjoying its moment of glory under the sunlight’s of the tropics and is changing rapidly. Already appreciated by adventurous travelers for its mix of religions and cultures, More than ever it will appeal to families, adrenaline seekers, colorists, wellness seekers and gourmets of all budgets. Even the North or the East including in previously forbidden areas which inaccessible.

2 Germany

Germany has long been a center of innovation and has given the world, among other key inventions, the printing press, automotive and aspirin. One hundred years ago, a small school in the Thuringian countryside launched an influential aesthetic movement in the world that is still felt today: the Bauhaus. Participate in the festivities, planned to last one year, and celebrate the centenary of this modernist midwife, founded in Weimar in 1919, who flourished in Dessau and was crushed by the Nazis in Berlin in 1933. Brand new museums will open in these three cities, and there will be many Bauhaus events and exhibitions throughout Germany.

3 Zimbabwe

Although it is often the headline for the wrong reasons, Zimbabwe has always excited travelers. It is one of the safest countries in Africa, with an extremely welcoming population, national parks with large mammals, world heritage archaeological ruins, wooded mountains and, of course, the mighty Victoria Falls. Zimbabweans see in the future real possibilities for hope and can once again be optimistic. The enthusiasm that followed the end of the Mugabe era is palpable, even in the warm welcome of a population wanting to turn the page.

4 Panama

Welcome to the crossroads of the Americas. In Panama North and South meet in a fiesta of tropical biodiversity, that celebrates to the superb BioMuseo. East crosses the West with ever increasing world trade, and the world’s largest freighters cross the recently renovated Panama Canal. There are so many treasures in this small country from white sand beaches to tropical rainforests, misty mountains to indigenous cultures that it is astonishing that Panama has been little known. In 2019 Panama City swore to party like never before, and to mark its five-hundredth anniversary with a noisy jubilee not to be missed.

5 Kyrgyzstan

The appearance of Kyrgyzstan on the world tourist scene seems to have followed the huge buzz of the 2018 World Nomadic Games a competition devoted to traditional sports in Central Asia. There is no better time to get there: more than 2,700 km of trekking routes have been newly marked out, new organized tours run by local communities are popping up all over the country, the national road system has been renovated, significantly reducing travel times and a simplified electronic visa system has been created for citizens of countries not on the list of sixty that do not require a visa.

1. Grand Cayman Islands

Despite their tiny size, the Cayman Islands are one of the richest countries in the world because of its world-renowned banking system. This country is also famous for its incredible beaches. The beach “Seven Mile Beach” is the jewel of these dream islands it is a huge beach of fine sand that overlooks the warm and crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea Our advice for travelers, if you find that there is too much on this beach, you can find other beaches just as beautiful, but much quieter on the island of Little Cayman!

2. Fiji

Fiji is very popular with honeymooners and families. Indeed, this archipelago is composed of more than 300 islands, allowing everyone to make the most of this paradise destination. The Yasawa Islands, located off Viti Levu Island, are home to an incredible number of beaches overhung by hills covered with lush tropical vegetation.

3. Peter Island British Virgin Islands

Renowned for its secluded beaches, Peter Island is a private island that offers incredible scenery thanks to the moderate development of the island desired by its owner. Named twice as one of the best places for a dream vacation in the world by Conde Nast Traveler, there is only one hotel on the island with only 52 rooms : “Peter Island Resort”. To make sure you have room, consider booking a hotel room as soon as possible.

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a lush tropical paradise located in Central America, surrounded on one side by the Caribbean Sea and on the other by the Pacific Ocean. This authentic country has preserved its natural beauty: 25% of the territory is protected as a natural park, a world record! Do not miss to admire the breathtaking black sand beaches amidst beautiful natural landscapes on your heavenly journey. Costa Rica has a little taste of coming back!

5. Boracay Philippines

Home to the incredible beach of “White Beach”, Boracay has been considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world on many occasions. From parasailing to scuba diving, there are plenty of activities to do on this beautiful 7 km long beach! This dream island is a magical place for a change of scenery.

6. Nungwi Zanzibar, Tanzania

Although Africa is not the first beach destination, Nungwi, Tanzania is a paradise destination increasingly popular with tourists. The “Zalu Zanzibar Essque” is one of the most incredible hotels in the world, offering very well equipped and comfortable accommodation.

7. Tulum, Mexico

What if you had a dream holiday in Mexico? Tulum is the only Maya city located by the sea. Located in an enchanting setting in the heart of the Riviera Maya, Tulum is an invaluable archaeological site not to be missed if you are an adventurous traveler and you plan to visit the southeastern Mexico.

8. Anse Source d’Argent La Digue Island, Seychelles

Anse source of money is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. Indeed, this beach is a visual masterpiece, with its lush jungle that only stops a few meters from the shore. The turquoise-blue sea offers an astonishing contrast to the granite rocks that overlook the beach. Paradise destination par excellence!

9. Curacao

Curacao, which is technically part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is an idyllic Caribbean island that is located off the coast of South America. Considered one of the best destinations in the world to go scuba diving, this small dream island also has many shops and beautiful beaches where you can practice all kinds of water sports, for the most great happiness big and small.

10. Phuket, Thailand

World famous for its numerous and sultry celebrations, the island of Phuket, Thailand, is not only a hedonistic destination. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia and one of the best cuisines in the world, Phuket has a lot to offer travelers from all over the world who want to have a dream holiday.
Traveling as a couple is exciting and fun. Whether you want to explore ancient sites and large cities, party all night or just get away and relax on the beach there is a whole world to discover. Renting accommodation is a great way to explore great cheap destinations with lots of luxury and privacy. There are hundreds of great destinations for young couples, but here we look at ten of our favorites.

1 The Lake District

For young couples interested in the outdoors and the Lake District is an ideal destination for a comfortable cottage getaway. You can spend your days exploring the lakes and hills, sailing, swimming, hiking, or just visiting the sights and exploring the local pubs and villages. The beauty of this area will give you all the romance and activity you could want from a break in the UK.

2 Devon

If the budget is a problem, then a getaway in North Devon is the perfect getaway for a young couple looking for fun and relaxation. The north coast of Devon has some of the best surf spots and beaches in the country and is a great place for a short or long break. Prices are reasonable, and you can stay in a cottage with a hot fire.

3 Barbados

Barbados is one of the most beautiful Caribbean countries and offers Caribbean luxury at its best. There are many quiet and secluded beaches to enjoy with an atmosphere and culture like nowhere else, and a laid-back vibe that’s exactly what you need for a relaxing escape with your beloved.

4 Rome

Rome remains one of the most exciting cities in the world and is perfect for a city break. There is the beautiful Vatican City to explore, the remains of Roman civilization, the food to fall and a relaxed atmosphere. The nightlife is exciting and varied, and the city is bursting with romance with fountains, architecture and stunning artwork and parks.

5 The Greek Islands

The Greek islands have something for every young couple, from fantastic holiday destinations to islands steeped in ancient ruins and beautiful towns and villages. Wherever you go and you can find beautiful beaches, wonderful food, warm weather and warm waters, making it a relaxing and romantic getaway.

6. Cape Verde

Breaks for couples in Cape Verde will give you sunshine, subtropical weather and beautiful warm waters on expansive sandy beaches. The islands have a beautiful landscape and a much less holiday oriented culture than the Balearic Islands. Cape Verde offers a couple a real escape from reality and the perfect opportunity to indulge in luxury.

7 Tenerife

Tenerife is a very popular party destination and a family destination. It is perfect for young couples as it offers fantastic views, secluded beaches and beaches and towns. There is a little something for everyone here and you can spend a holiday in a quiet place. Spend your days visiting and enjoying the beaches or spend your nights partying! Tenerife is beautiful and has a lot to offer.

8 Ibiza

Ibiza is perhaps the holiday destination of choice for large youth groups, but it is also fantastic as a couple getaway. You can spend your nights in clubs and have an apartment or secluded villa away from the party when you just want to relax and unwind as a couple. The beaches of Ibiza are incredible and the atmosphere is energetic.

9 Florida

Florida is one of the most popular family destinations in the world and is also suitable for young couples. The beaches along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts are breathtaking while cities such as Miami offer a dynamic and dynamic place with nightlife and incredible parties. The Orlando area offers theme parks which perfect for more adventurous thrill seekers.

10 Paris

No city break in the world is as romantic and exciting for young couples as Paris. If you have never been before this is the best romantic destination in the world with the Eiffel Tower, the magnificent Sacré Coeur and Notre Dame, the luxurious Seine, world famous cuisine and incredible art museums.
Whether you’re going to London or Kathmandu, Thailand or the United States, to the mountains of Pakistan or the Colombian jungle or another but my travel tips will be useful wherever you go on this incredible planet. Here are my 7 best travel tips for a successful road trip abroad.

1.Book your plane ticket in advance, but not too early

In general, the best time to book airline tickets is 1 to 3 months before departure. Do not book a year in advance or at the last second, the prices will not necessarily be cheaper and you will have no flexibility. Airline fares are constantly changing and there is no quick fix to get the best price guaranteed. You can easily check prices by month, which can help you decide which day of a month to have the cheapest flights.

2. Traveling off season if possible

One of the most true and proven tips for international travel is that you should enjoy off-season prices. Seriously some of the world’s most famous cities may seem completely different in the off season. The museums will be deserted, the streets will be inhabited by locals and not by tourists and the prices will be much more reasonable. Mid seasons are great times to travel because you will avoid the crowds of tourists and enjoy the weather. This is my favorite time to travel.

3. Make copies of your papers

A nightmare scenario for travelers is the loss of a passport. Nobody wants that. That said, it can happen and having copies of your passport and other important documents will really help you get by until you have a replacement passport. An expert traveler has this mentality: “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”. You must also leave a copy of your passport at home or at someone you trust.

4. Traveling light

A classic mistake is to overload. Traveling with 3 pairs of shoes, a makeup bag that weighs 4 pounds, 3 or 4 jackets, 15 t-shirts, 5 different cameras and more than one large backpack is not necessary. First, when packing, take the stack of clothes you think you need and divide the number in half. Then divide it again in half. Rather than taking a few bad items, invest in versatile equipment and clothing that adapts to different climates. Over time, you will only carry the bare necessities and you will be much happier when your bag is of a comfortable weight. If you do not use what you want to bring at least once a week, then it does not belong in your luggage. Here is what you need: A microfiber towel They are not always provided and / or have a hygiene that leaves something to be desired. Microfiber towels absorb more, dry faster and are lighter than a classic towel. For travelers, they are one of the most useful items they can have in their bag. Synthetic clothes Synthetic garments are much more durable and much easier to wash and dry than cotton garments. Opt for clothes that do not need to be ironed either. Good shoes Apart from your backpack, your shoes may be the most useful piece of equipment you have. Ideally, you should travel with versatile and lightweight shoes that are suitable for both urban walking and hiking. That said, avoid carrying several pairs of shoes. Just take a pair that covers all your needs according to your destination. A way or rain jacket When the sky is overcast and the rain falls, we are happy to have a kway. Unless you are traveling in the desert or in another dry place, it will rain at some point during a trip. An external backup battery In developing countries, power cuts are sudden and frequent. It is therefore necessary to provide a backup battery.

5. Learn the basics of the local language

Try to learn at least some basic words of the language spoken in the country where you are traveling. Locals really appreciate that you make an effort to learn their language. Knowing the local languages also has huge benefits for you. If you can count in the local language, you are less likely to be ripped off. And it is much easier to haggle and ask for advice in the local language too.

6. Speak with the inhabitants

Too often, there is a gap between tourists and locals. Certainly, all travelers want an authentic travel experience, and connecting with locals is a great way to make the most of your travels. Get out of the phone addiction and get back to the real purpose of the trip: meet people and have your mind enriched with experiences. Do not let your only interaction with locals be limited to ordering food at a restaurant or buying souvenirs at a store. Take the time to stop and talk with locals. Ask questions about their reality. Find out what they like to eat and where. Find out what they like to do in the place where they live. Couch surfing is an epic way to meet the locals.

7. Doing couch surfing

One of my favorite ways to meet locals and save money at the same time is to use couch surfing. If you really want to experience life with a local, I can not recommend you better. You can make lifelong friends through the platform and gain a perspective you would never have considered otherwise. On the other hand, as the hosts are kind enough to welcome you for free, do not come empty handed. In any case, it is important to learn about its destination upstream. The more you know about a place, the more you can enjoy it and enjoy it.

1 Canada

Its quality of life, considered one of the best in the world, brings it to the tenth place in the ranking. For the rest, it’s no surprise: vast spaces, beautiful landscapes, sense of welcome Canada have almost no fault for the traveler.

2 Ireland

Okay, there is not necessarily a big sun from evening to morning. OK, you need to have a change of clothes just in case. But maybe that’s why Ireland is so popular with those who travel solo between two walks on deserted beaches and green hills, we take refuge in pubs. The Irish are considered nice and they have the sense of celebration and hospitality. And the country is safe.

3 Thailand

Islands, dream beaches, temples, a natural heritage still preserve. The ancient kingdom of Siam is one of the most visited countries in the world. It is on the criteria of adventure tourism forest treks, water sports that it stands out the most.

4 Brazil

The giant of South America – by its size and its population – has long been neglected by tourists. They discover little by little that Brazil is not only the carnival of Rio and its excesses. The country enjoys an ever-increasing popularity among tourists in need of adventure, a criterion for which it is world number. From the beaches of the Atlantic to the Amazon rainforest, there is a choice.

5 Greece

Not yet out of the crisis, the country continues to seduce by its cultural heritage – difficult to make richer! – its landscapes and its climate. The solo traveler never gets bored. Without the language barrier, the country would probably be even higher in the rankings.

6 Portugal

It is the trendy tourist destination in Europe. Ten million tourists in 2015 is seven times less than its Spanish neighbor, but it is 10% more than the year before. Solo travelers will discover a beautiful architectural heritage, beaches not yet crowded, beautiful golf courses Other advantages, and not least Portugal is safe and remains very cheap.

7 Australia

The country is at the top of all rankings, for years, for its quality of life. And Melbourne invariably wins the world’s most enjoyable city prize. This is enough to make the lonely traveler forget his immense desolate spaces where he will not meet many people of this can also be an asset.

8 New Zealand

Okay, it’s very far. But it’s THE destination that goes up. 3.5 million tourists visited in 2016, 12% more than the previous year. But it’s still far from the crowd. It is safe, stable, beautiful, and very popular with those seeking adventure tourism. A little raft in New Zealand, it’s tempting, right?

9 Italy

Southern Europe really seduces lonely travelers. Heritage, culture, landscapes, gastronomy, climate of Italy there are 50 million visitors in 2015, the fifth largest tourist destination in the world – has serious assets. Voters blame the country for its political instability. But the one-day traveler, solo or not, will not be affected.

10 Spain

The voters are unanimous: the Spaniards are nice. On this criterion, they are even the number 1 in the world. That may be the difference. Add a rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, and sunshine almost all year and everything to make it the perfect destination. Go alone, you will not stay long. The trouble is that it knows Spain attracted 68 million tourists in 2015, making it the third most popular destination in the world.

The Mandalay Bay and its extensions

The Mandalay Bay complex in Las Vegas has a huge 4-hectare beach, a casino and the famous Shark Reef Aquarium. This building offers 4332 floor-to-ceiling windows with all the comforts and luxuries you crave, in addition to 5 private cabana and spa pools. Located 1 km from the Bali Hai Golf Club and less than 5 km from the Mack Center and the Fashion Show Mall, this exuberant place of relaxation never ceases to amaze you. If you stay there, you can attend the concerts of the greatest musicians and do some bodysurfing on the highest waves of Las Vegas!

The Luxor in Las Vegas

Located on the Las Vegas Strip, right in front of the airport, this mega structure takes you into the prehistoric and legendary world of the pharaohs. The reception hall is located just below the large pyramid structure as well as some bars and restaurants. Some rooms are also there and others at the juxtaposed tower. A very special restaurant will attract many gourmets “The Cathouse” and the slot machine room will make you a good back thanks to its quirky Egyptian decorations. Finally, just down the street from the hotel is the adventuresome theme park where you can enjoy 23 different courses

The Wynn Las Vegas and its extension

Beautiful, huge, elegant … the attributes are not lacking to describe the Winn Las Vegas and its extension nicknamed the “Encore”. This 4734-room resort located on the Las Vegas Strip, 5 miles from McCarran International Airport, provides guests with easy access. It’s a 187-meter high casino hotel with upscale accommodation, a spa, 3 nightclubs and 5 on-site restaurants. A privileged place for business and leisure, the hotel also has a 5400-square-meter business center with fax, photocopying and Internet access.

The Kotai Central Sands

This huge 6000-room resort offers a diverse palette of colors in welcoming, freshly decorated rooms. Guests can easily visit Macau’s cultural and heritage sites and have fun with direct access to restaurants and shops. You can also choose the relaxing formula by the pool, health club or spa. Concierge service is also provided to provide impeccable service tailored to individual needs.

The First World Hotel

Located within walking distance of Genting Highlands in Malaysia and not far from Genting Theme Park, the First World Hotel offers 6118 rooms shared in two 28-story towers. In this colorful megastructure you can enjoy all the comfort combined with the pleasure of living via a greener welcome in the form of a tropical forest at the entrance, a Spanish-style patio, a varied cuisine and a luxurious casino. In addition you can attend the shows and concerts that are live and for children Watersplash Pool Waterpark will make their happiness.

The MGM Grand Las Vegas

With 6582 rooms, contemporary and classic decor, the MGM Grand is one of the most visited hotels in Las Vegas. Located on the Strip, this elegant resort has several sports facilities, the Garden Arena; famous concert hall and a casino. And for relaxation the tropical-style pools feature private cabanas and in the evening the new Hakkasan nightclub and circus of the sun are waiting for you! Finally, to treat yourself, award winning restaurants such as Joël Robuchon and Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak will tickle your taste buds.