No surprise for this number 1 of the most tourists’ countries in the world, France. With 38 UNESCO World Heritage sites (in 2013), France welcomes nearly 83 million tourists every year. Renowned for its gastronomy, its monuments known throughout the world, such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris and many others, France takes the lead in this ranking, no wonder when we know that France is perhaps the most beautiful country in the world.


Spain welcomes more than 80 million tourists each year. Mainly come to discover its flagship city, Barcelona and its many monuments. Spain has 44 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is one of the 5 countries with the most classified sites. Certain regions are doing well like Andalusia.


Like Spain, China is one of the countries with the most UNESCO World Heritage sites. China has 45. China has one of the most visited monuments in the world: the Great Wall of China, which is also part of the new wonders of the world.

 4 China

Like Spain, China is one of the countries with the most UNESCO World Heritage sites. China has 45. China has one of the most visited monuments in the world and the Great Wall of China, which is also part of the new wonders of the world.


Italy is the number 1 country in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This country has 49 classified sites. Notably because of its past during Roman antiquity, Italy has a rich history of monuments and ancient places. This is the case of its largest island: Sicily, which attracts every year many tourists come to discover its wonders as its famous Aeolian islands.


With 11 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Turkey ranks 6th in our ranking of the most, visited countries in the world and welcomes more than 36 million tourists each year. With these seaside resorts and its flagship city, Istanbul, Turkey is a trendy destination.


The United Kingdom takes the 7th place in our ranking of the most touristic countries in the world. With 29.2 million tourists, the United Kingdom remains very popular in the world with 28 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Like France, Germany has 38 World Heritage sites. Germany is therefore a very touristic country with more than 28 million tourists attracted, in particular, by its many cathedrals, like that of Cologne or Aix-La-Chapelle. Berlin is also one of the most touristic cities in this country.


Malaysia ranks 9th among the world’s most touristic countries in the world with 24 million tourists a year.


10th in our ranking, Mexico, with 42 UNESCO World Heritage sites, brings together nearly 23 million tourists. Steeped in history, especially, thanks to the many sites built by the Mayans as the pre-Hispanic city of Chichen-Itza on the list of 7 new wonders of the world, Mexico is one of the most touristic countries in the world.

You know the most popular tourist attractions

The Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Pisa Tender Tower. But it’s a safe bet you’ve never heard of them: interesting, weird, fun or frustrating: They may be weird, but worth the garage door!

Pouss de la Defense in Paris

This work presents 12 meters in height in La Defense, the business district of Paris. This magnificent sculpture by artist Kesar Baldacachini is called Le Pousse and is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful and unusual works in the world. The sculptor has become known for breeding large objects of life’s small objects; In this case, the thumb is not the most bizarre in its exact replica, the enormous thumb built in 1965, but no one seems to really understand the meaning of the work.

Mallinare underwater sculpture park in the Caribbean

What you probably didn’t know was that a submerged sculpture garden was a necessity for our planet. The first of its kind was created in 2006 by Jason de Kires Taylor. The British sculptor created a cast of concrete from real people to create a world of drowning near the Grenada coast of the Caribbean. The most well-known work is the representation of people holding hands in a circle. You can see this strange park in the bottom of the transparent with a freediver and boat.

The inverted statue of Charles La Trobe in Melbourne

In many ways, this statue is a faithful representation of Charles La Trobe, Australia’s first lieutenant-governor, unless it is installed upside down. Why is that? Australian sculptor Charles Robb explains what makes this piece, located at Melbourne’s La Trobe University, memorable. However, many spectators and locals believe this is a disrespect to Charles La Trobe’s memory.

The Georgia Guidestones granite monument in Elberton, Georgia

The Georgia Guidestones monument is located at the highest point in Elbert County, Elberton, Georgia. The star-shaped granite blocks carry an engraved message containing the rules to be followed by humans after the apocalypse in order to restore humanity. The inscriptions are in four ancient languages: ancient Greek, Babylonian, Egyptian hieroglyphs and Sanskrit. This monument was erected in 1980 at the request of an anonymous group. The message is about the following concepts: The need to keep the human population under 500 million, the unification of humanity through the establishment of a new language and a new order of spiritual values. Yoko Ono is one of the followers of this particular landmark in the United States.

The desert hand, Chile

In the Atacam desert in Chile, a huge hand appears to emerge from the sand. As you approach, the hand grows as if a gigantic character is trying to pull himself out of the sand. Created by the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrazabal, this hand is literally in the middle of nowhere. If you have the opportunity to visit the Chilean desert, you will appreciate the very successful impact of the work.

Viroth’s Hotel (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

In first place of the Trip Advisor ranking, there is a superb Viroth’s Hotel in Cambodia. Located in the heart of Siem Reap city, Siem Reap, the hotel is located in the vibrant Wat Bo district. Its location is more than ideal, because the hotel is not only near the river, but also the Old Market, where it is ideal to go out and shop, and visit the Angkor temples. In addition, the hotel is located in a very peaceful environment. The hotel itself is very much inspired by the 1950s, with a vintage design but at the same time very modern. What we like a lot, too, in the decor is the white walls that offer a beautiful contrast with the many colorful and elegant objects that complete the look. There are also several gardens and green areas, besides having, of course, a large outdoor swimming pool where to bathe or just lounging. Viroth’s Hotel also has an elegant poolside restaurant, where you can enjoy traditional Cambodian meals as well as some of the most popular dishes in the Western Hemisphere. There is also a superb bar where you can sip excellent cocktails carefully prepared by the hotel team. On site, there is also a gym and spa. As for the rooms, there are 35, all beautifully decorated and furnished. There are so many rooms called regular, but still very luxurious, in addition to several suites. Some of them have views of the pool, while others have views of the garden. One thing is certain: they are all equipped with the latest technologies, allowing anyone who stays there to keep in touch with their family elsewhere in the world.

Tulemar Bungalows and Villas (Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica)

The Tulemar Bungalows & Villas offers two types of stays. As the name suggests, there are bungalows, but also villas. This is because before, the bungalows located on the beach were part of another “resort”, but this is not the case anymore. Now, all these homes are part of the same “resort”. Tulemar Bungalows & Villas complex is located a short walk from Manuel Antonio National Park on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. The park often returns among the rankings of the most beautiful parks in the world. The resort itself is located in Tulemar’s 33-acre gardens, which fall directly onto its own private beach, Tulemar Beach, about 15 minutes’ walk away. Otherwise there is also the public beach Manuel Antonio, which is about 10 minutes by taxi from the resort, as is the national park. As it was said, these are bungalows and villas that make up the place. There are 34, to be more precise. They are all designed as small houses perfect for holidays. Some of them are perfect for a couple, while others are made to accommodate up to 11 people, holding up to 3 bedrooms. Each house offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding nature, the ocean and the jungle. This is also what makes the place famous: the breathtaking views thanks to its place of choice in height! The Tulemar Bungalows & Villas is therefore ideal for those who want luxury, but also tranquility. The place offers free wi-fi in all homes, but also in swimming pools. There is an on-site restaurant that serves food from around the world, always having a view of the Pacific while eating.

Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur (Jodhpur, India)

For a completely exotic stay, India is undoubtedly a very popular destination. On the other hand, choosing an exotic trip does not necessarily mean that you have to skimp on luxury! For those who would like to experience a different culture and stay in a chic environment, the Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur is a hotel of choice. Located in Jodhpur, nicknamed the “Blue City” because most of the houses in the city are painted in this color, the hotel is part of the TAJ chain. The chain owns 100 hotels in more than 62 locations, and offers only the most luxurious in all of them. That of Jodhpur is no exception! Already, looking only from the outside, we see what we are dealing with, with its architecture breathtaking!

Hanoi La Siesta Hotel and Spa (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Hanoi is a very touristic city in Vietnam. It is also the capital of the country. For those who would like to visit all its temples, lakes and museums, Hanoi La Siesta Hotel and Spa is an easy choice. The hotel is part of Hanoi Elegance, which has several other resorts in Vietnam. The Siesta Hotel and Spa is the newest of them. This is a superb hotel that offers a peaceful and warm environment, while being just as luxurious as the other hotels in the company. The Siesta Hotel and Spa is very well located, ie directly on the Ma Ma, in the old quarter. Its location represents the place: mixing style and modernity with the charm of Hanoi’s old quarter. The hotel is very close to Hoan Kiem Lake, but also to several other important tourist attractions. A bus is also available for guests who would like to visit attractions that are a little further away or not within walking distance. The Siesta Hotel and Spa contains 50 rooms all very spacious, in addition to being classic and elegant, all in simplicity. Of the 50, there are as many modern and comfortable suites as “duplex” type rooms, which are perfect for families or groups of friends where everyone will have space without pounding on their feet.

Gili Lankanfushi Maldives Lankanfushi, Maldives

When we think of a heavenly holiday, we often think of these houses on stilts, with the glass floor through which we can admire the turquoise water under our feet. Well Gili Lankanfushi, in the Maldives, a South Asian country in the Indian Ocean, offers just that. It is not for nothing that the hotel is ranked fifth in the Trip Advisor ranking. The perfect way to get off the ground! Gili Lankanfushi, 45 villas on the water, on a small island in the country. This is the largest complex of water villas in the world. Some of them are attached to a small wooden corridor, on the water, always, while others are completely alone in the world, recluses a little further, for a complete privacy. What they all have in common, however, is that they are all built from eco-friendly materials. This is indeed a very important value for the complex. In addition to building these villas with such materials, the Gili Lankanfush also pays close attention to the nature that surrounds it. The complex blends perfectly with nature, whether it is the green spaces on the island or the rich biodiversity of the surrounding lagoons. The villas have access to a swimming pool, a spa, hammocks, a sauna, a gym, a cinema, a bar and even a water slide that leads directly into the sea. On site, there is a team of professionals called the “Gentlemen Fridays”, in honor of Robinson Crusoe’s friend and assistant. Day and night, they are there to ensure that the tourists stay is the best possible and the most memorable possible, either to help you unpack or to plan an excursion.
The beaches, it’s nice. You can swim while enjoying walking on the sand, an activity that provides a feeling of intense joy. So technically more beach is long, the pleasure extends over time because you can walk endlessly until death ensues and never have to turn around, and that’s fine for all travel lovers.

1-Praia do Cassin in Brazil, 254 kilometers of happiness

Even if the estimates on its length vary between 212 and 254 km (it depends on the criteria of measures) one is nevertheless on a base of long beach.

2-Padre Island Beach Texas, 182 kilometers of joy

Largest beach in the United States known for its white sand and turtle population with especially for its ubiquitous water along the edge of the beach.

3-Ninety Mile Beach in Australia, 151 km of prosperity

Australians are big dings that are all big. Just see the mouth of their spiders to understand that this country has a sense of excess.

4-Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, 120 km of pleasure

Starting from a fishing port, this rather rather long beach has the good taste to attract a shovel of tourists from all over the world.

5-Myrtle beach in South Carolina, 100 km of enchantment

Long and soft, this beach attracts no less than 10 million visitors each season. Its size of a rare vastness makes it possible to find there areas very pleasant for the barge.

6-Novillero Beach in Mexico, 90 km of bliss

Overhead of Ninety Mile Beach.
In the state of Nayarit in Mexico, there is a beach. This beach is long. So long that to go through it you would have to be able to fade a double marathon. Not to be confused with a double chin.

7-Ibeno Beach in Nigeria, 90 km of ecstasy

One of the largest beaches in West Africa, this beach is imposing in its length, even if it measures all the same as the beach Novillero in Mexico which leads us to believe that it is a little hearty.

8-Ninety Mile Beach in New Zealand, 88 km of euphoria

New Zealand is not only a region rich in sheep and hobbits it is also a country full of beaches, normal since technically it is like a big island. And among these beaches of random lengths there is the Ninety mile. What I do not understand is that 90 miles is 144 km. So either they are zero in geometry or they are not super talented for the names of beaches.

9-Virginia Beach Virginia, 56 km of rapture

Although technically it is not the longest beach in the world, it is still the longest pleasure beach, that is to say that it welcomes tourists and does not know the unhappy woman respects.

10-Long Beach in Washington State, 45 km of sand grains gathered together so that you can walk on it without falling to the ground

The longest among the longest, this beach deserves however that we grant him love and attention.
Traveling is not easy. Sometimes, we take months to prepare his trip in order to better live it. But despite all the precautions we take, some details escape our vigilance and spoil everything we have taken so much care to prepare. We offer 10 tips for making a hassle free trip.

Look at the passport

It’s a detail that seems banal. But the passport is the sine qua non condition that determines your trip. It is important to take care of this carefully. To avoid any inconvenience, start checking your visa and the validity of your passport. If it is to do again, count the deadlines for not having unpleasant surprises. In addition, it is crucial to check the conditions regarding the validity of the passport in your host country. Legislation and requirements are not the same in all states. To that end, stay on the alert. Also, it must be remembered that you must put your passport in your hand luggage and not in your luggage. It’s more practical, because at some point you will have to separate from your suitcase.

Time differences

This is a hitch that almost everyone ignores. Indeed, time differences are natural phenomena likely to ruin a large part of your stay. Indeed, the first step to avoid this kind of thing is to find out about the schedule of your destination. Take a ride on the net and everything is played. Then, as soon as you board the plane, set your watch to the time of the destination country. If you are sensitive to jet lag, take care of this parameter because your well-being during your stay depends on it.

On site diseases

You do not go on a trip to get sick.Yet, this can happen to everyone. Indeed, if it is malaria that you suffer often, fight in advance against him before boarding for the trip. However, perfection is not the world of humans, despite all your precautions, diseases can surprise you. In this case, you can quickly heal yourself in a health center. But it would be smarter to extend your health insurance. Especially if you are going to Europe for example, leave with your CEAM in your pocket. This will allow you at least to treat you cheaply.

The impediments due to climatic conditions

The weather is one of the pangs that upsets your trip. This is unexpectedly very capricious, but of natural origin. Before boarding a plane, make a real point on the weather. There is no point in traveling and falling in weather conditions that do not allow you to fully enjoy your stay. This check also allows you to make a very selective choice of clothes to go. If it is an area of seismic or cataclysmic risk that you intend to visit, find out about trends. We must take stock of the risks of storms and tornadoes in the region that will welcome you.

Risks of insecurity

It’s a detail that seems banal. But the passport is the sine qua non condition that determines your trip. It is important to take care of this carefully. To avoid any inconvenience, start checking your visa and the validity of your passport. If it is to do again, count the deadlines for not having unpleasant surprises. In addition, it is crucial to check the conditions regarding the validity of the passport in your host country. Legislation and requirements are not the same in all states. To that end, stay on the alert. Also, it must be remembered that you must put your passport in your hand luggage and not in your luggage. It’s more practical, because at some point you will have to separate from your suitcase.

Adapt to the local environment

This can be viewed from several angles. On the one hand, at the level of food. The world is indeed vast and the realities differ from one environment to another. Dream trips turn into a nightmare for many people because of food. What you are used to eating at home may be different from the food you will be subjected to in your home environment. So keep in mind that a new environment awaits you with new realities. Take care therefore of your ways of doing things. Indeed, small gestures that are not even lambasted at home could be a sign of rudeness. So be careful to avoid small arguments with locals.

Think about money

It is absurd to consider a trip without expense. For this purpose, which currency is legal tender in your country of destination? It is essential to foresee it. If it’s not the same currency as your usual living environment, do not forget to visit the bank to make your change. Do not think of going abroad. Because you know nothing of what you will be facing there. In addition, the exchange office on site is the best in terms of exchange rate. Once your exchange is done, pay attention because pickpockets are everywhere.

How to pack?

Most of the times, when you want to go on a trip, you want to take the whole house. The annoying thing about this case is that at a certain point we realize that the majority of the effects carried away were useless during the trip. Avoid these kinds of things in the future. Travel with what you will need. Overloading you, you complicate the task because it increases the cost of transporting your luggage. Also, it prevents you from buying souvenirs, because the luggage is already exuberant and there is no room for any purchases of souvenirs.

How to manage your time while traveling?

It is important to know how to manage your time during your stay. What we often see is that travelers want to work like a robot during their stay. It does not help you. Calm down! Remember that you are on a journey and not on a professional mission. Do not delude yourself to want to visit everything. It’s almost impossible. Rest properly. Just visit what you really like. Just because you know there is such and such a site in the region does not mean you have to visit everything. Walk around according to your plans. If this lane attracts you, do not hesitate, borrow it. And do yourself a favor. Above all, avoid limiting yourself to the idea that you have to visit everything.
Your next big adventure is fast approaching, but before you take off  for your tour remember this to prepare yourself as a true pro. Here are our top ten tips:


Depending on the location visited, the rules on the length of a tourist’s authorized stay may vary considerably. Make sure you know these rules and hold an appropriate visa (if necessary). Also be sure to bring a valid passport for at least six months after your expected return date, as required by many countries. And finally, make sure you know what vaccines are needed to travel safely a quick Google search and a visit to your doctor will help you get the information and vaccines! You need and remember, if you are traveling to an exotic country – on a safari, for example – to always plan your vaccines a few months in advance some vaccines must be administered in several injections before you leave.


I think we have all experienced this kind of situation. You know, that moment when your phone’s battery goes down to 4% during a conversation of utmost importance and you start writing faster and faster to have the time to formulate everything you have to say before your phone does not breathe last breath.  It is a rather uncomfortable feeling and, in such a case, you will only need your safety from your charger. Make sure you always have a charger AND adapter, so you can charge all your major high tech equipment, no matter where in the world you are.


If you’re traveling on an iOS or Android device, there’s no danger of getting lost, since Google allows iOS and Android users to save offline maps so you can access them without an Internet connection. You can save areas as large as the metropolitan area of ​​Paris and up to 6 cards at a time. If you already know the cities you will visit during your trip, plan ahead and download your maps before you leave.


And to continue on the subject of the phone if you stay in the same country for a while, you will have every interest to invest in a local SIM card. This will allow you to keep in touch with your friends, call a taxi and do your research on the Internet without having to worry about roaming charges or wifi. However, be sure to have a phone unlocked because you will not be able to install a local SIM card on a locked phone.


Make sure to do your research before you leave. Almost every city, even the smallest, has a local website listing local events for the coming months; Local editions of Timeout magazine are also valuable resources. And do not hesitate to ask friends or friends of your friends for advice on social media you’ll be surprised how much people look forward to providing advice on their city. The more research you do, the better you will be prepared.


If you leave alone, but do not necessarily want to stay alone for the rest of your stay, start building a network and connections before you leave. Share your itinerary with as many people as possible, starting a travel blog and connecting with friends or friends friends on Facebook or Instagram once again, overall people will be happy to share tips or have a coffee with you, if they’re around.


Let me guess: you will probably take thousands of photos during your trip. Every new city, every poolside meeting place, every cappuccino served at breakfast or every historic monument is a fantastic addition to your Instagram feed. But if you take old-fashioned photos – with a camera and not with a phone – then there are much better solutions than Instagram to save and share. Download them to your blog or create an online photo gallery with Flickr or Snugmug.


Being able to communicate with locals is the key to making friends and feeling comfortable in your new city (even if you’re just passing through). You do not have to be bilingual, some basic phrases will help you a lot, and the more you know, the better, of course. Before you go, buy a collection of expressions (they are cheap and light and easy to carry) and study it a little. Being able to book a taxi, do some shopping at the local market or explain your allergies to a non-English speaking doctor can literally save your life, trust me!


Unless you go to Sweden, where the government aspires to a cashless society, the reality in most countries – especially the least developed – is still that of “cash is king”. The worst scenario, to avoid absolutely, would be to not be able to pay for your food, ticket or accommodation due to lack of ATM cards or ATM nearby; Be sure to exchange enough money before you leave. But beware of pickpockets – never keep all your money in one place and do not leave your money on the bed when you leave your hotel room.


There is nothing more annoying than walking around with a huge bag full of business which you probably will not wear or not having enough room to bring home one of those fantastic souvenirs you’ve bought. And now that you are well prepared and about to leave: Have a good and nice trip! 
The number of older people who go on vacation and other pleasure trips will increase significantly in the coming years, making them more important for the tourism industry than ever before. The numbers grow day by day. Age is not a factor for these travelers. They are often more enthusiastic, polite, curious to know the places they visit and always have a good attitude. Although, previously traveling for pleasure was considered a luxury, in the last five years, it has become a lifestyle option to go on vacation. Older people like to make long-distance group tours that require at least 10 days. Older adults who are still active know that curiosity does not necessarily decrease with age, and they are always prepared to continue adding new experiences. Retirement is usually a gateway to travel opportunities that are finally within reach. The dilemma is choosing where to go. For older travelers, social contacts, variety, entertainment and meeting other people are the most important aspects, which is why fishing options, high seas travel and gastronomic tourism are among the favorite. Below are more details of these Senior Tourism alternatives.


This option includes a large number of tourist options related to professional fishing and activities related to the fishing sector, which take place on the mainland, such as visits to the fish market to see the fish auction, or the seaworthy workshops on land. Fishing tourism is a unique opportunity to go aboard fishing boats; It is usually aimed at groups of very small size, and towards tourists of a very particular profile: people who really want a different experience, from the hand of true professionals and “sea lions”; where knowledge and emotions will go hand in hand. There will be people who want to embark but without having to spend long hours at sea; Here the most demanded options throughout the year are boat trips to see dolphins. to enjoy a swim in the high seas, or to enjoy the sunsets from the sea.

RECREATIONAL Travel with Fishing

It is usually practiced on the mainland or in pleasure boats, and is based on the modality of fishing with angling, an activity of great attraction for senior tourists who seek to unite a sporting activity with direct contact with nature.


If being at sea is less attractive than being in a boat, river cruises are also very popular for high-level travelers, as many excursions are included in the price and itineraries attract a mature crowd. Although in general this option is of a greater cost than the itineraries in the great cruises, the intimate nature of the river cruises is attractive for those who look for an elegant simplicity .


An experienced palate and hunger for knowledge are the main ingredients for the culinary journey. For those who have spent their lives expanding their repertoire or looking for their favorite food, such an excursion will satisfy the appetite of the elderly for a good meal and the opportunity to learn more about a particular region. In some cases, this is an interesting option that mixes the activity with the tasting, as travelers have the opportunity to go fishing and when they return, taste with pleasure what they have caught on the tour. Today, older people are more flexible, more fit and more accustomed to traveling than they used to be, so travel and excursion options that allow you to discover or get in touch with the sea are the best for this growing tourist sector. For the coastal towns and for those companies that bet on this target, the visits of groups of Seniors, can suppose an economic revulsivo, that without a doubt, will contribute to deestacionalizar the tourism; since above all, these visits and marine excursions are carried out during the winter months. In Costa del Sol Maritime Tourism, we have a sea of experiences for you to discover the sea and everything you have to teach with us.
Most beautiful Four sea beaches in the world of 2019 have just been unveiled. More than 1,200 travel professionals came together to establish this ranking. Even if the city breaks are exciting and those in the mountains refreshing, there’s nothing like being by the sea and lounging on a beach.

And if you’re dreaming of your next trip to the sea, we have good news:

Flight Network, Canada’s largest travel website, has released the second edition of its annual list of the world’s most beautiful beaches. With nearly twice as many experts as the year before, the 2018 list was compiled by more than 1,200 journalists, editors, bloggers and travel agency staff.

1) Balandra Beach, in the city of Baja California, United States

california seabeach
With its clear that clear waters contrasting with the desert landscape of Baja Cactus, California, Balandra Beach is described as “the perfect place to escape the unsustainable pace of everyday life.

2) Noetzie Beach, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

sea beach
Beautifully secluded, this beach is surrounded by a dense forest and accessible by a gravel road and a steep staircase attached to a cliff. Go between June and November to see migrating humpback whales.

3) Norte Beach on Isla Mujeres in Cancun Mexico

On the main beach of Isla Mujeres, the clear water rises only at chest height, which makes the sea perfect for splashing. If you prefer to stay on land, stroll along the eight kilometers of coral sand.

4) Railay Beach, Thailand

Thailand sea

This secluded beach is only accessible by boat and offers not only beautiful waters, but also a world-class climbing experience.  

5) Baía do Sancho Beach, Fernando de Noronha Islands, Brazil

In second place was Baía do Sancho Beach, in the Fernando de Noronha Islands, a volcanic archipelago located on the northeast coast of Brazil. Although the idyllic destination lost the first place with which it was awarded in the last year’s Travelers’ Choice awards, it continues to offer its charm to those who visit it. “Everything from the waves and the temperature of the water to the sand, the flowers and the birds that fly over it makes you feel like you are in paradise,” wrote a tourist who visited its crystal clear waters.

6) Varadero Beach, Matanzas, Cuba

The podium was completed by Varadero Beach, in Cuba, one of the best for snorkeling and diving. The city still retains the glamorous hotels built in the 1920s by American investors, including the famous gangster Al Capone, who used to visit its shores. “Great beach that stretches for miles, clean beach and clear water. It should be described as one of the best beaches in the world,” wrote a TripAdvisor user.

7) Eagle Beach, Oranjestad, Aruba

With its white sand, blue sea and variety of palm trees, Eagle Beach located on the Caribbean island of Aruba was chosen as the fourth best of 2018. It is also known for its sea turtles, which during their breeding season, which runs from March to September, usually approach the coast to lay their eggs. According to a tourist, it is the best beach in the world: “Eagle Beach is the most beautiful beach in the world, and we have been to many beaches! The sand is so white, the ocean is bright blue and clear most of the days, and the water is so warm, “he wrote.

8) Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Seven Mile Beach, which actually measures 9 kilometers instead of 11, is located on the largest of the three islands that make up the Cayman Islands. “Beautiful white sand beaches, absolutely beautiful. Peaceful and serene, that says it all,” said one traveler.

9) La Concha Beach, San Sebastian, Spain

The best beach in Europe according to TripAdvisor is that of La Concha, located on the north coast of Spain. It is located in the center of the city and has 1,500 meters of white sand, as well as a small island – Santa Clara Island – in the middle of the bay.

10) Clearwater Beach, Florida, United States

The best beach in the United States is Clearwater Beach, on the Gulf coast of the state of Florida. On the website, 73% of those who visited it rated it as “excellent” and only 1% said it was terrible. “The beach of Clearwater Beach is definitely up to its name due to its fine white sand and its calm and crystal clear waters. At sunset, you could almost drift with a nice cocktail or fresh and crisp white wine,” he said. a critic
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France and Italia are fantastic, however what concerning all the countries in Europe that aren’t as popular? after all these destinations are going to be busy, as a result of this can be still Europe in the end, however nevertheless they provide less crowds, more cost-effective flights and, most significantly, gift a chance to get an area you haven’t already seen many photos of. These square measure the 10 most unnoticed European countries that not enough individuals visit which you must set up your next trip to ASAP.


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Make your Sound of Music (1965) dreams return true in Oesterreich. From athletics in winter, a music pageant in summer, wonderful nature and majestic cities and cities, this country may be a must-see. Did we tend to mention they even have what’s probably the chocolatiest cake ever invented? It’s known as sachertorte, and it’s to die for.
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