Big cities, heavenly beaches, mountains, monuments, nature, mysterious places. There are too many places on our earth that deserve to be visited or to come back if you had ever had the opportunity to visit them before. You may wonder where to go in 2019 ? In order to help you, we have wrote this article from the results of the annual Lonely Planet Tour guide, which has listed 10 destinations that it considers to be the best to visit in 2019.
  • 10.Belize
This Caribbean island is considered by many lovers of travel lovers as “paradise on earth”. This quality has been attributed to him because of its exceptional assets, the island shelters on its edges the second biggest coral reef in the world, it is the object of a special protection from the government. The waters that surround it are of unparalleled calness and beauty. Contrary to what one could think, the island is still not frequented by the tourists, but for all these quality, it is certainly only a question of time.
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Winter is already here and lovers of this season are looking for the ideal destinations to spend their winter holidays, the ski slopes are the most coveted places at this time of year, the choices are multiple but difficult to have an idea or an exact choice for a successful holiday. To help you we offer you in this post the 10 best ski destinations in the world, make your choice and do not wait any longer.

1- Mont Tremblant, Canadahttps

The 10 best ski destinations in the world in 2019

It’s one of the best ski slopes in the world; Mont Tremblant is characterized by its breathtaking view of the Laurentians and a vast ski area, the entirely pedestrian village consists of several shop and restaurant that allow you to spend very pleasant moments with your children your friends and your loved ones.

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Staying in a hotel is often an almost banal affair, a story of spending a few nights in a normal place and visiting the surroundings, for most travelers it’s just a place where you can not expect anything special, closet, bed, clean towels , mini fridge … But there are some hotels in the world which are more specific and more exeptional, they offer you exceptions that you are not ready to forget the rest of your life.

1- Null Stern Hotel, (“Hotel without star”), Safiental, Switzerland

The most craziest hotels in the world

“The only star is you” is the slogan of the hotel that you will find on its website. In fact, the hotel is a conceptual project that brings another vision of staying in a hotel, the rooms of the hotel include a double bed, shelves with bedside lamps and floor tiles. it is the only hotel in the world where you will not found doors, walls or ceiling. According to the founders, the goal is to feel the magic and presence of the Swiss Alps around you. The cost of the night is from 195 Dollars.

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Lonely Planet recently released its Best in Travel for 2018, a comprehensive guide that includes the top 10 cities, countries and regions to visit this year, as well as the most profitable destinations.Here are the choices of Lonely Planet for the top 10 cities to visit in 2018.

10- Oslo, Norway

10 Top destinations for 2018 7

Oslo, the capital of Norway is one of the best destinations for 2018. this year Oslo celebrates 50 years of marriage between the king and the queen, but also the opera of the city which celebrates 10 years, many cultural events will be organized, as well as shows and concerts.If you love architecture, you will be impressed by this city; Oslo has developed many contemporary buildings in recent years.

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Visiting North Korea, why not ? 12

A country that is difficult to access and initially uninviting, North Korea has a tourist potential. Let’s discover it through these article.North Korea is still a mysterious country for many of us. Especially known for the various political conflicts it causes, few know the various places and tourist sites that this country can offer! 

Visiting North Korea

Tourism in North Korea

when to go: the rainstorm keeps active from June to August and the tropical storm division is for the a lot of allotment from August to September. So yield alternating a continued time of the year.
Public transport is not accessible to non natives except the metro with authorization and guide. To the admeasurement auto biking is concerned, campaign are not acceptable to drive: adjacent agents of biking organizations or specialists are in allegation of the go of guests.

How to get there : Many voyagers fly out through China to North Korea (the North Korean carrier Air Koryo is prohibited from working in lot of countries arround the world ). Pyongyang is served 4 times a week if you take the train from Beijing (around 24 hours).

Travelling within the country: Travel inside North Korea is restricted and checked by nearby specialists; You should be for all time accompanied by a local guide named by the state. Public transport is not allowed for non-corean except the metro with permission and guide. the car trip is also concerned, tourists are not allowed to drive, travel agencies or authorities are responsible for the travel of visitors.

Many tools and activities are prohibed in North Korea, (for example, mobile phones or GPS).To visit North Korea it is obligatory that it is organized by a travel agency recognized by the government in order to obtain a tourist visa! Journalists must have a special visa.It also depends on the state of diplomatic relations between the governments of the countries from which tourists come and North Korea. The reference embassy is China to help facilitate the procedure of obtaining VISA for visitors to certain countries that may enter the North Korean territory.

The main attractions offered by the tourist circuits

Pyongyang: The capital of North Korea is an obligatory stop for tourist tours, this city is home to most of the places devoted to the glory of Kim Il-Sung, but also the symbols of the struggle against the Japanese enemy, Korean or American.The most popular sights are Mansuadae Hill and its bronze statues of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong Il, the Arc de Triomphe, the Juche Tower, the statue of Chollima, the Palace of Kumsusan, etc.

Visiting North Korea, why not ? 1

The Arirang festival: A North Korean cultural event that North Koreans organize from August to September, is celebrated in conjunction with national festivals.
Approximately 100,000 artists rehearse for months to participate in choreographic scenes depicting the history of 20th century Korea. In the stadium you can admire the colorful costumes and accessories of the gymnasts and dancers who illustrate giant paintings and synchronized movements.

Demilitarized zone: Watch out for photos and camerasThe floral exhibition Kimilsungia-Kimjungilia: Organized in Pyongyang, this floral exhibition presents two kinds of flowers called Kimilsungia and Kimjungilia. The first, in honor of Kim II Sung, is a mauve orchid and the second, in honor of Kim Jong II, a variety of red begonias. This event attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Visiting North Korea, why not ? 3

The Children’s Palace: located in Pyongyang, this palace teaches the most gifted music and songs, with traditional North Korean music. These songs sing praises of the proletariat. You can attend rehearsals or shows. These shows are impressive because they are annimated by young children.

Visiting North Korea, why not ? 4

Mount Geumgang or Kumgang: also called “the diamond mountains”. This mountain range not far from the coastline in North Korea extends 40 km from east to west and its highest peak reaches 1638 m (the peak of Birobong).

Its nickname comes from the fact that in the spring, the peaks of sharp granite burst into the dew of the morning. Here you will find Buddhist relics such as Pyohunsa and Jeongyangsa temples.The controverseThe restriction of tourist circuits in North Korea causes injustices in the tourism sector; the North Korean state controls everything and benefits from economic spin-offs, the citizens are often victims of malnutrition and live in precarious situations.

Visiting North Korea, why not ? 5

Big issues: The gouvernement are not showing any interest to preserve the new potential touristic sites against deterioration, which could lead to the destruction of the environment and the local ecosystem.You will remark that many activities and attractions, especially in Pyongyang, revolve around the political regime. However, other places deserve attention and, by doing research, we realize that North Korea has a lot of tourism potential to offer.

Other possible touristic activities in North Korea

Bicycle on Mount Paektu: Mount Paektu is located on the border between China and North Korea, it is the highest point of Korea with 2744 m and consists of a mountain range. At the top there is the largest lake in the world caused by a crater: Lake Chonji.
This mountain is part of UNESCO’s global network of biosphere and a very symbolic place for all the North Koreans as it is the birthplace of the legendary Tangun, the father of Korea.Excursions are organized to admire the sunrise on the lake.

Visiting North Korea, why not ? 11

Cruise: A new attraction proposed by the coastal region in the northeast of the country, the cruise leaves from the old port of Rajin for a 21 hour sailing. Attention, do not expect a luxury cruise, Gyong Bong is a former boat also used as a ferry, almost 40 years and rehabilitated to serve tourists! The best cabins are equipped with basic facilities (a table, chairs and toilets). However, it is still a local means of transport that you can add to your list to move within the country.

Visiting North Korea, why not ? 8

Skiing on Mount Masik: believe it or not, North Korea also grants a big interest in this kind of sport, A ski resort site has been set up in the northeast of the country, with 110 kilometers of slopes, hotel, heliport and cable cars. Kim Jong-Un wants to make it a world-class ski site.

Visiting North Korea, why not ? 6

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Set of tombs of Koguryo: dating from the last period of the kingdom of Koguryo (one of the most powerful of the north-east of the country between the 3rd and 4th centuries AD), We speak of dozens of tombs which are adorned with superb mural paintings, it is one of the few remnants remaining by this ancestral culture.

Preserved for members of the royal family and nobility, these paintings testify to the everyday life of this era.

Visiting North Korea, why not ? 9

Kaesong Monuments and Historic Sites: Located in the south of the country, the site includes many properties that bear witness to the history of the Koryo dynasty (918-1392). You can see palaces, tombs, walls, etc. of this ancient capital. A site witnessing the transition from Buddhist principles to Confucian principles, not to be missed for history lovers!5 other sites are listed in the UNESCO Tentative List (historical relics, caves, etc.).

Visiting North Korea, why not ? 10

You can find more information on the UNESCO website here.(
Now, It is up to you to think about visiting North Korea in the future! to discover this mesterious and controversial part of world, getting your own experience and ideas about it, to explore the cultural and natural heritage of the country and it’s population, your bag on the back!
Do not hesitate to discover other destinations through our travel blog!

Who does not know the famous yellow M ? Today, there are approximately 36,600 McDonald’s restaurants around the world. Some of these restaurants are characterized by their unique and special interior and exterior location. Let’s look at some of McDonald’s most extraordinary restaurants in the world.

1- Taupo, New Zealand

The most unusual McDonald's restaurants in the world

This is one of the nicest places you can eat McDonald’s on Lake Taupo in New Zealand. Not only is the place very pleasant, you can also enjoy your menu in a plane that has never really flown.

The world is full of islands, large and small, that have unique features that you will not find anywhere else. What do you think of an island where there are more penguins than people who live there? Let’s look at the most exciting islands in the world!

Bear Island, NORWAY

Top 21: Remote Islands

Bear Island is the most southerly island of the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. The island was discovered in 1956 by the Dutch explorers. It is 397 kilometers from the mainland of Norway. The Island is unihabited, there were a few people who were holding the Herwighamna Bear.

Last year, more than 24 million people around the world went on a cruise. That’s one million more than in 2015! Proof that cruises is trendy. They compete even with hotels clubs. Going on a cruise is a unique way to travel: you make a tour, but you only have to unpack your luggage once. During your journey, you visit several cities and discover different cultures. Do you prefer a day of relaxation? Stay aboard, and enjoy the many facilities. A cruise is not necessarily expensive; There are choices for all budgets, here is a selection of quality cruises with affordable prices.

1- Carnival’s Carnava Sensation: 3 days cruising in the Bahamas (from 199 €)

Top 10 Best and Cheapest Cruises 10

Do you want to spend three days at sea for a long weekend, to leave all your problems behind you and take a beautiful break, on this cruise you will not be bored, with live music and shows, a disco and a casino where you can dans all night long, there’s something for all tastes and ages, children will enjoy the special activities and water park Carnival WaterWorks. Adults can relax in a quieter area and even enjoy a massage in the spa or get a relaxing yoga session.

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Do you hate to meet other tourists on holiday ? So you can book a trip to one of the following ten countries, so be sure that you will mostly meet the local population !

The list appeared on the site of Gunnar Garfors, an intransigent traveler who set himself the goal of visiting all the countries of the world. It takes only one! His blog is a must for any travel enthusiast.

10. Afghanistan – 17.500 tourists

Top 10 countries with the least number of tourists

In Afghanistan, the war lasted long, so it is not surprising that there are not many tourists. In the 60s and 70s of the last century and under the Soviet occupation (1979-1989), the situation was different, Afghanistan was a holiday paradise, this destination was particularly popular among hippies.

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