Proud pearl with rebellious traits.
The southern French island of Corsica, a stubborn department that has been fighting for self-government for many centuries, can be described as an equally proud and capricious island that pops up majestically from the Mediterranean. With its mountainous character, varied coastline and blessed climate, it manages to seduce sun-lovers as well as cultural added-value seekers. You get the turbulent history of the island for free.
stretches from the Cap north to the southern city pearl Bonifacio. The latter is built on a rock and is praised by many as the most beautiful city in Corsica. The French island is difficult to tame. Distern eyes here are very deceptive because the road network consists mainly of mountainous winding roads. Here, calculations are not made in kilometers but in duration. Life unfolds like a French, but with an Italian flair. It owes these influences to the fact that in the Middle Ages Corsica was ruled for centuries by the Italian maritime republics of Pisa and Genoa. We start our trip in Ajaccio, best known for its most famous resident Napoleon Bonaparte.


The old Genoese city of Ajaccio is not only the largest city on the island, it is also the political center of power in Corsica. In addition, it is the home of the Bonaparte family.
“ live on Corsica unrolled a la Francaise, but with an Italian flair.”

Ajaccio Napoléon grande statue
The Corsicans have a love-hate relationship with its most famous inhabitant. This hate is mainly due to the fact that Napoleon, as a French officer, went to war against the Corsican freedom fighters and thus the dream of an independent state was forever withdrawn.However, the Maison Bonaparte is the most visited museum in Ajaccio.
The museum is housed in the parental family house in the historic center, and Ajaccio can further be described as a busy , old town full of narrow streets and pleasant squares where you can relax, the shady Place Foch is the beating center of power of the city where you can enjoy a terrace in the shade of impressive platanem.


The next morning, the next morning we descend towards the south coast, more specifically to Propriano. This popular resort is sandwiched between the mountains and the sea. From Propriano we take a short cruise along the southern coast line. That leads to the Bay of Valinco. The coastline consists of cliffs, picturesque bays, deserted beaches and hilly sites. We love-hate ships near the Tower of Campo moro, according to our guide the highest watchtower on the island.
The pointe of Campomoro (Punta di Campomoro) dominated by the génoise tour of Campomoro, Corse-du-Sud, France
From its restored battlements you are assured of a wide view over land and sea. The stylish mountain village of Sartène is also worth a visit.
The inner city consists of a tangle of robust, medieval patrician houses, built against a steep mountain slope. We pick up a glass of local wine on a terrace on the Place de la Liberation, the central town square in Sartène for centuries.


The southern port city of Bonifacio is perhaps the most beautiful city in Corsica. It is also one of the oldest towns on the island. Thanks to her location; on a rocky point and surrounded by high cliffs. Her harbor is hidden in a fjord-like cove.
Bonifacio consists of two parts, a lower town built around a natural harbor site and an upper town reminiscent of a robust citadel from a distance. Once you reach the top, you will discover a beautiful medieval city with ramparts, pleasant streets and alleys and an impressive cathedral that proudly dominates the area.
Église Saint-Dominique, Bonifacio (Corse-du-Sud).
It is pleasant to stroll along the harbor side, although it would be a shame not to catch up with the upper city. Bonifacio is also the ideal setting for a boat cruise along the coastline. Know; the city was built against a limestone hilltop, right on a cliff-rich plateau. From the water’s edge, the upper city only looks impressive, with dozens of brightly colored houses clinging to the cliffs with hesitation.
Hoteltips :
We slept in ajaccio in the Best Western Amirauté, a 4 * -Hotel that offers sea and harbor views from the rooms. In Bonifacio we spent the night in Le Solemare. This family hotel is located right on the water side, with a view of the citadel

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