The number of older people who go on vacation and other pleasure trips will increase significantly in the coming years, making them more important for the tourism industry than ever before. The numbers grow day by day. Age is not a factor for these travelers. They are often more enthusiastic, polite, curious to know the places they visit and always have a good attitude. Although, previously traveling for pleasure was considered a luxury, in the last five years, it has become a lifestyle option to go on vacation. Older people like to make long-distance group tours that require at least 10 days. Older adults who are still active know that curiosity does not necessarily decrease with age, and they are always prepared to continue adding new experiences. Retirement is usually a gateway to travel opportunities that are finally within reach. The dilemma is choosing where to go. For older travelers, social contacts, variety, entertainment and meeting other people are the most important aspects, which is why fishing options, high seas travel and gastronomic tourism are among the favorite. Below are more details of these Senior Tourism alternatives.


This option includes a large number of tourist options related to professional fishing and activities related to the fishing sector, which take place on the mainland, such as visits to the fish market to see the fish auction, or the seaworthy workshops on land. Fishing tourism is a unique opportunity to go aboard fishing boats; It is usually aimed at groups of very small size, and towards tourists of a very particular profile: people who really want a different experience, from the hand of true professionals and “sea lions”; where knowledge and emotions will go hand in hand. There will be people who want to embark but without having to spend long hours at sea; Here the most demanded options throughout the year are boat trips to see dolphins. to enjoy a swim in the high seas, or to enjoy the sunsets from the sea.

RECREATIONAL Travel with Fishing

It is usually practiced on the mainland or in pleasure boats, and is based on the modality of fishing with angling, an activity of great attraction for senior tourists who seek to unite a sporting activity with direct contact with nature.


If being at sea is less attractive than being in a boat, river cruises are also very popular for high-level travelers, as many excursions are included in the price and itineraries attract a mature crowd. Although in general this option is of a greater cost than the itineraries in the great cruises, the intimate nature of the river cruises is attractive for those who look for an elegant simplicity .


An experienced palate and hunger for knowledge are the main ingredients for the culinary journey. For those who have spent their lives expanding their repertoire or looking for their favorite food, such an excursion will satisfy the appetite of the elderly for a good meal and the opportunity to learn more about a particular region. In some cases, this is an interesting option that mixes the activity with the tasting, as travelers have the opportunity to go fishing and when they return, taste with pleasure what they have caught on the tour. Today, older people are more flexible, more fit and more accustomed to traveling than they used to be, so travel and excursion options that allow you to discover or get in touch with the sea are the best for this growing tourist sector. For the coastal towns and for those companies that bet on this target, the visits of groups of Seniors, can suppose an economic revulsivo, that without a doubt, will contribute to deestacionalizar the tourism; since above all, these visits and marine excursions are carried out during the winter months. In Costa del Sol Maritime Tourism, we have a sea of experiences for you to discover the sea and everything you have to teach with us.

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