Traveling without even having to leave your home is now possible. Discover in this article how to do. Travel to Paris or the Serengeti National Park, visit museums and zoos around the world or see the Earth from space for free without even having to leave your home and it’s now possible. Now wants to share with you few great ways to travel without having to leave your home. Of course, virtual trips will never replace real trips. But virtual travel is another opportunity to discover the world for free, without fatigue and at any time without having to leave any day or leave RTT. On the other hand, traveling virtually is a great way to explore new places and plan your upcoming trips.

1 Street View hikes

Launched in 2007, Google Street View is a service that is not new. On the other hand which is less known is that in addition to filming the streets around the world and the Street View team loves to take pictures of the most beautiful places on Earth. With these photos and technology from Google, it is now possible to make virtual trips to the four corners of the world from the following Internet addresses. These trips will give you the opportunity to walk in the gardens of the Taj Mahal, to take a look at the Burj Khalifa the highest skyscraper in the world located in Dubai or to see Paris from any observation points of the Eiffel Tower. You can also travel to less known destinations such as the magnificent Wieliczka salt mines in Poland or dive off the coast of the Galapagos Islands.

2 Virtual museums

Released in February 2011 Google Art Project allows you to discover tens of thousands of paintings from the best museums in the world from your living room. Each painting has been scanned in high resolution so that you can spot every brushstroke on Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” canvas. You can also look straight into Botticelli’s Venus eyes without having to go to the Uffizi Gallery in Milan. Some museums have allowed Google to digitize their premises so that we can now walk around the Doge’s Palace in Venice or watch ancient sculptures at the Acropolis Museum in Athens while sitting comfortably on our sofa.

3 The International Space Station (ISS) camera

Thanks to the Internet, traveling in space is now accessible to everyone. You can admire beautiful photos of Mars taken by the robot Curiosity from the Facebook profile of Mars Curiosity or admire live Earth from space as if you were located aboard the ISS, 400 km above the floor.

4 Web cams from around the world

If you find that the view from the ISS is too high and scary if you can still do virtual tourism in a more down to earth way. If you’re a fan of the Beatles for example you can visit the legendary Abbey Road pedestrian crossing without having to leave your chair. You can also spend a few hours admiring Atlanta Zoo pandas from. Finally, offers an impressive collection of web cams around the world from New York to Bangkok. A great way to kill time if you do not know what to do next 5 minutes and make sure that time zones really exist!

5 Take a night walk in Marseille

The Night Walk is a unique concept. Julie and Christophe two locals – will make you discover the lively streets of Marseille by night in complete immersion as if you were there thanks to 360 ° panoramic photos taken from Google Maps. They will make you discover lanes known only locals, night bars where play local jazz bands, panoramic views of the city Marseille Punctuated with interesting comments, the visit of Marseille by night is very interesting and will allow you to better know the history and culture of the city.

6 Travels to Serengeti Park

The human smell is always the most problematic when you want to photograph wildlife which Unlike humans, machines do not smell, which allows them to get closer to animals without frightening or disturbing them. The results are breathtaking as you can see in this video from Serengeti, a natural park in northern Tanzania.

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