10 things you need to do when you visit Amsterdam

You go a few days in Amsterdam and you do not know much about the city. Here are 10 ideas for an original and interesting visit to Amsterdam for a weekend or more. Ideas for a trip between friends or family.

1. Cycling.

Rent a bicycle and explore the neighborhoods of Amsterdam. For a 10-euro, you will have the most beautiful experience possible in Amsterdam. And you can reach the immeasurable speed of about 20 km / h.

2. Push the door of a brown coffee.

Take a drink in a typical brown coffee of Jordaan. Lively discussions,  a beautiful retro decor. Finally, retro, it’s a fashion while there it just has not changed much for a century or more – and that will not change. Fingers crossed.

3. Stroll through the Old City of Amsterdam.

Stroll in the Old Town and not necessarily on the side of the red district. Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Just walking around is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to you.

4. Make a trip in the journey.

Visit the Van Gogh Museum Museum or City History Museum or the Tropics Museum. Museums are not lacking but these three alone are worth the trip to Amsterdam.

5. Picnicking in the grass.

Picnic in the Vondelpark. The park offers a beautiful variety of landscapes, water, flowers and birds. Since 1960, the highest density of hallucinogenic experiments in the world after San Francisco (before San Francisco?).

6. Shopping.

There are markets and flea markets where you can find clothes and antiques that are more or less affordable. A tip, prefer the Noordermarkt flea market north of Jordaan on Monday at the Waterloplein Flea Market. And if you can not do otherwise it is frankly a shame.   The atmosphere, the choice, the place and then the cheesecake in the corner tea room. If you prefer large markets with lots of people, colors, noise, terraces filled and a little side of the fairground (it’s not Disneyland either): Go to the Cuypmarket in the Pijp.   For souvenirs you will have the choice: ◾ Flowers, tulips and other amaryllis at the famous flower market in Amsterdam. Lots of magnets made in China too. “Of course cheese with the most complete cheese, De Kaaskamer. Taste the old goudas well refined (Oude Kaas). The texture and flavor will surprise you. 
Beautiful shopping escapades are to be done in the district of Jordaan between record stores and thrift stores. The same goes for the canal district towards the west, 9 alleys and dozens of fashion boutiques and accessories. Finally, in every neighborhood there are surprising stores covering all possible consumerist needs and desires …

7. Eat the Stamppot.

The stamppot is a Dutch dish that you can taste in Amsterdam. Very appreciable when it is cold. The Netherlands does not have a world-famous culinary tradition. This does not mean that there is nothing interesting to put in the mouth. There is cheese with a lot of crazy varieties, herring, biscuits and cakes ….


8. Discover Amsterdam from a boat.

Take a boat trip on the Amsterdam canals. Restful and informative. A different discovery of the city. You can do better by hiring a small boat.

9. Go north on the industrial port side.

Visit the port of Amsterdam. And especially the industrial zone to the north of the city. A huge artistic squat. And a few bars too.

10. Take the height.

Discover a panoramic view of the city. Go to the Westerkerk or on the roof of the Nemo Science Museum or on the terrace of the municipal library.