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Italy is a fantastic country that ought to get on any traveler’s bucket list! European country has given United States of America thus much: the Renaissance, illustrious design, dateless musical genre, gorgeous design, pasta, pizza, gelato…need I say more? Not solely is European country the birthplace of such a large amount of things, however it’s conjointly home to exciting natural beauty, from the lakes and mountains within the north to the beautiful stretches of lineation on either facet of the country.Any trip to European country are going to be wonderful, however I wished to allow you many European country itinerary choices to decide on from. they’re all nice choices, however everybody has completely different tastes, and one may be an improved suitable your desires and cluster.

Days 1 & Day 2: Rome:

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Most affordable flights to Italy will take you to Rome which is available all around the globe. It’s where I’ve flown into every time I’ve visited Italy. But shop around and find the best deal because you can begin this Italy itinerary at any point.You can start your Italy itinerary anywhere you wish, but I always recommend starting in Rome. Rome is the third most visited city in Europe, after Paris and London, with 7-10 million visitors per year, and for good reason.Rome is full of art, history, culture, and amazing food.Ancient history is everywhere in this large city.When you first arrive in Rome, jetlag will probably get the best of you. Give yourself a day to recover and take in all the beauty (and gelato) that this ancient city has to offer. You’re going to get here and never want to leave.There is so much to see and do in Rome, it could literally take you a lifetime. Don’t be discouraged by not being able to do it all. There is still so much that you can see just in a day and a half! Be sure to read my guide to Rome in One Day before you go.
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