An emblematic city in Morocco, Fez is also one of the capital cities of the country, and one of the most densely populated cities of Morocco. It must be said that the history of the city dates back several centuries, and that its glorious history has provoked many lusts, which during decades of growth, conflict and international exchanges have shaped a dynamic city that still shelters Today, the vestiges of a past during which Fez was the cultural capital of Morocco, the economic capital, the religious capital … in short, the pearl of Morocco. It is also through Fez that Morocco began to shine
I was lucky that i was born in this beautiful city, rich in history and culture and unrivaled all over the world

A little history over Fez city

Many mysteries surround the origins of the naming of the city, and there is still no certainty as to who created Fez. The latter was founded during the eighth century under the reign of the Emperor Idriss I, but it was not he who founded it, contrary to what is said. There are indications that it was his trustworthy companion, Rashid, who created the city, because coins bearing his effigy, dating from the death of Idriss I, have recently been found. Idriss I could not have founded the city, nor even his son, for the latter was barely ten years old when the first coins bearing the effigy of Rashid began to circulate. It was therefore well in the reign of Idris I that Fez became the first imperial capital of Morocco, although it is probably not an emperor who was at the origin of its creation. And if we take the trouble to approach this historical passage of Fez, it is because the city is at the origin of the international influence of Morocco. Its history, the mysteries and legends that surround the city of Fez are part of the tourist interests in it.
No need to go to a library to find out more, just walk through the city to discover the imperial vestiges and civilizations that occupied it. Several times become the capital of Morocco, and several times fallen in the shadow of Casablanca or Rabat, Fes continues today to intrigue and to amaze the curious.

Trip to Fez

You guessed it, a trip to Fez is first a journey into history, discovering the vestiges of a glorious past whose traces are visible at every corner. Whether in the medina which is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the new modern districts, born in the era of the French colonies, or in the royal enclosure, Fez exudes authenticity and cultural plurality. Fez, as the first imperial city of the country, is an essential step on a trip to Morocco, but a stay in Fez is not limited to visits to monuments and ballads in the medina. This is certainly enough to disorient and amaze any type of traveler, but why not enjoy the other wonders of Morocco while doing? Fez is an ideal base for discovering the Moroccan deserts through autotours, but also and ideally located for combinations between the imperial cities of the country (Marrakech / Fez / Meknes / Rabat). By staying in Fez, you stay close to the main historical and natural attractions of the country. As for nature and adventure, one thinks of course of the Moroccan Atlas which offers countless possibilities of treks and circuits, but also to the Moroccan deserts, which as seen above, are not far from Fez (as the crow flies).


 There is something for everyone, from the 4-star hotel to the homestay to the seasonal rental apartments and guest houses, each one will find its happiness there.
Fes offers a complete range of accommodation, from unpretentious pensions to charming riads. The main question is the choice of the neighborhood: the picturesque and noisy medina, or the new town, short distance in a small taxi and more frequented by low budget travelers? Room prices are at the top of the range. Better to book in high season, especially during the Festival of Fez sacred music of the world in June, when prices tend to climb. The agency Fez Riads is a good place to find accommodation in the medina. It pays part of its profits to local restoration projects.


Most of the cheapest establishments are two steps away from Bab Bou Djeloud, at the heart of the action. Unless otherwise stated, small budget addresses have only common bathrooms. Do not expect hot water at the lowest rates. In the Medina, many middle-class hotels, including riads and dars (traditional town houses), have prices close to the upper category. A few offer simpler rooms at reasonable prices. Unless otherwise stated, rates quoted here include breakfast.

New city

The prices here are much lower and you will be able to benefit from services of average category at prices equivalent to the hotels small budgets of the medina. The hotel scene in the new town is currently undergoing a small expansion, with several new hotels to open between the Place de la Résistance (Fiat) and the Medina, including the five-star Atlas Fès (to which a modern shopping center will be attached) and The Barceló, four-star establishment.