Sweden – Useful tips to visit Stockholm

I visited Stockholm a few years ago, for me it is one of the most attractive cities in Europe and that also deserves to talk enough about it and its tourist attractions.

For many reasons, Sweden has always been an ambitious country for me.

As a result of this experience, here are some tips and recommendations for visiting Stockholm, and that will certainly help you plan your own trip.

  1. In order to travel to Stockholm, for distant countries, prefigured the plane, used the airport of Arlanda, which is 41 kilometers north of the capital.From the airport you can reach the Stockholm Arlanda Express train, very fast (20 minutes) but very expensive (29 euros), or the bus company Flygbussarna (45 minutes, 11 euros).    Sweden 1
  2. The low-cost airlines travel to Skavsta Airport, which is 106 kilometers away !! ‘ South West.As a result of the long distance, the bus transfer from the same company Flygbussarna lasts half an hour (14 euros).The positive side is that, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful rural scenery of Sweden.Sweden 11
  3. Stockholm is an easy city to visit.

The purpose of your visit will undoubtedly be the longest pedestrian street connecting the most modern and commercial district of the city with the island, where the area of ​​the old town of Gamla Stan.

Sweden 2

Therefore, unless you have the hotel located far from the nerve center of Stockholm, in practice, you will just have to use public transport, metro and bus.

You should definitely visit the city of Stockholm Hall, you could walk along Östermalm’s glamorous area which offers a pleasant walk.

Sweden 13

You could also take the tram, or even cross by boat to go to the island of Djurgarden, which brings together attractions such as the Vasa Museum or the Skansen Open Air Museum.

On this island you will also find the historic Gröna Lund theme park.

Sweden 8

Do not hesitate to take the metro for your sightseeing tours and its surroundings, I will say that the metro has become one of the most curious sites in the city as most of its resorts are artistically decorated, you can even watch Gunning For a guided tour.

Sweden 3

Sweden 4

4. Stockholm is a city surrounded by water.

The Swedish capital covers a group of 14 islands scattered between Lake Mälar and the Baltic Sea, which causes the desire to make cruising excursions.

You have a lot of options to choose from as a small one hour cruise or an hour and a half around the city.

You can also sign up for a boat trip that will take you to the historic Viking town of Birka, during which you can enjoy varied landscapes of islands and lakes.

Sweden 6

On the other hand, you also have the easiest option, and that to cross by boat between the islands and / where the city center.

5. With regard to the visits to Stockholm, note the following.

On the one hand, you can visit the city of Stockholm, or visit the old town of Gamla Stan, where you will see the Royal Palace. You can also visit the Vasa and Skansen museums or take a walk in the Östermalm district or the Södermaln cultural district.

Sweden 5

In Östermalm you have to visit Saluhall, a typical Swedish market, and in Södermaln you should definitely climb to the viewpoint of the Katarina lift.

Sweden 10

6. One of the rituals during your visit to Stockholm is to go and drink a Fika. In fact, it is simply going to have a coffee and why not enjoy scones or muffins that are popular in Sweden.

Sweden 9

In the streets of Stockholm there are a lot of cafes that give you a good excuse to enjoy the Fika (a ritual similar to that of Britain called teatime).

7. Finally, be aware that Stockholm is an expensive city, I remember that for example, a coffee or a coca will cost you about 3 euros, the same as a muffin.

For what you eat, you can ask for a salad or lasagna for 11 euros, or a typical fish dish with potatoes for 15 euros.