Big cities, heavenly beaches, mountains, monuments, nature, mysterious places. There are too many places on our earth that deserve to be visited or to come back if you had ever had the opportunity to visit them before. You may wonder where to go in 2019 ? In order to help you, we have wrote this article from the results of the annual Lonely Planet Tour guide, which has listed 10 destinations that it considers to be the best to visit in 2019.
  • 10.Belize
This Caribbean island is considered by many lovers of travel lovers as “paradise on earth”. This quality has been attributed to him because of its exceptional assets, the island shelters on its edges the second biggest coral reef in the world, it is the object of a special protection from the government. The waters that surround it are of unparalleled calness and beauty. Contrary to what one could think, the island is still not frequented by the tourists, but for all these quality, it is certainly only a question of time.
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