Staying in a hotel is often an almost banal affair, a story of spending a few nights in a normal place and visiting the surroundings, for most travelers it’s just a place where you can not expect anything special, closet, bed, clean towels , mini fridge … But there are some hotels in the world which are more specific and more exeptional, they offer you exceptions that you are not ready to forget the rest of your life.

1- Null Stern Hotel, (“Hotel without star”), Safiental, Switzerland

The most craziest hotels in the world

“The only star is you” is the slogan of the hotel that you will find on its website. In fact, the hotel is a conceptual project that brings another vision of staying in a hotel, the rooms of the hotel include a double bed, shelves with bedside lamps and floor tiles. it is the only hotel in the world where you will not found doors, walls or ceiling. According to the founders, the goal is to feel the magic and presence of the Swiss Alps around you. The cost of the night is from 195 Dollars.

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