The Swiss sticker for the Swiss motorways


The French people call it the Swiss vignette , the Swiss people name it motorway vignette, it’s necessary for driving on expressways and highways in Switzerland, this vignette is bought every year.

For the year 2016, the Swiss annual sticker costs 40 Swiss francs, or 33 euros/ 37 USD , and it is mandatory to drive on the Swiss motorways, We advise to get a Swiss Half Fare Card as well, in order to get discounts on cable cars. . The annual Swiss sticker is valid in reality 14 months with the calendar year of its validity, but also for the month of December of the previous year and the month of January of the following year. This new label will be valid until 31 January 2017 .

The motorway sticker for the year 2016 is available from 1 December 2015, with an unchanged price of 40 Swiss francs.

For cars, trailers and motorcycles  The Swiss motorway sticker is mandatory for cars since 1985, two-wheelers ( motorcycles and scooters ), but also for trailers and caravans. If you tow in Switzerland you must have two motorway stickers , one for the car and one for the trailer. Trailers towed by a motorcycle are exempt as the basket of a sidecar. The sticker must be affixed to the inside of the windshield for automobiles and on an easily accessible and not interchangeable part for vehicles without windshield as trailers and motorcycles.



The absence of sticker carries a fine of 200 Swiss francs , a closely watched deficiency on foreign vehicles . The customs control the motorway stickers at the borders and inside the country it is the police which ensures that mission. The sticker can be bought everywhere , especially at the border No worry the sticker can be bought easily almost anywhere including at the border, when you entered the country .



You can pay in foreign currency  but the change will be given in Swiss francs. It is also marketed in the stations, service stations, garages, offices of TCS and the cantonal road traffic. You can also get the Swiss sticker in France to the Automobile Clubs or retail space ATMB of the Mont Blanc tunnel for example or on the A41 in January of each year, but in this case the Swiss sticker can maybe a little more expensive.