Going on a cruise is a unique way to travel: you make a tour, but you only have to unpack your luggage once. During your journey, you visit several cities and discover different cultures. Do you prefer a day of relaxation? Stay aboard, and enjoy the many facilities. A cruise is not necessarily expensive; There are choices for all budgets, here is a selection of quality cruises with affordable prices.

1- Carnival’s Carnava Sensation: 3 days cruising in the Bahamas (from 199 €)

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Do you want to spend three days at sea for a long weekend, to leave all your problems behind you and take a beautiful break, on this cruise you will not be bored, with live music and shows, a disco and a casino where you can dans all night long, there’s something for all tastes and ages, children will enjoy the special activities and water park Carnival WaterWorks. Adults can relax in a quieter area and even enjoy a massage in the spa or get a relaxing yoga session.

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