The beaches, it’s nice. You can swim while enjoying walking on the sand, an activity that provides a feeling of intense joy. So technically more beach is long, the pleasure extends over time because you can walk endlessly until death ensues and never have to turn around, and that’s fine for all travel lovers.

1-Praia do Cassin in Brazil, 254 kilometers of happiness

Even if the estimates on its length vary between 212 and 254 km (it depends on the criteria of measures) one is nevertheless on a base of long beach.

2-Padre Island Beach Texas, 182 kilometers of joy

Largest beach in the United States known for its white sand and turtle population with especially for its ubiquitous water along the edge of the beach.

3-Ninety Mile Beach in Australia, 151 km of prosperity

Australians are big dings that are all big. Just see the mouth of their spiders to understand that this country has a sense of excess.

4-Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, 120 km of pleasure

Starting from a fishing port, this rather rather long beach has the good taste to attract a shovel of tourists from all over the world.

5-Myrtle beach in South Carolina, 100 km of enchantment

Long and soft, this beach attracts no less than 10 million visitors each season. Its size of a rare vastness makes it possible to find there areas very pleasant for the barge.

6-Novillero Beach in Mexico, 90 km of bliss

Overhead of Ninety Mile Beach.
In the state of Nayarit in Mexico, there is a beach. This beach is long. So long that to go through it you would have to be able to fade a double marathon. Not to be confused with a double chin.

7-Ibeno Beach in Nigeria, 90 km of ecstasy

One of the largest beaches in West Africa, this beach is imposing in its length, even if it measures all the same as the beach Novillero in Mexico which leads us to believe that it is a little hearty.

8-Ninety Mile Beach in New Zealand, 88 km of euphoria

New Zealand is not only a region rich in sheep and hobbits it is also a country full of beaches, normal since technically it is like a big island. And among these beaches of random lengths there is the Ninety mile. What I do not understand is that 90 miles is 144 km. So either they are zero in geometry or they are not super talented for the names of beaches.

9-Virginia Beach Virginia, 56 km of rapture

Although technically it is not the longest beach in the world, it is still the longest pleasure beach, that is to say that it welcomes tourists and does not know the unhappy woman respects.

10-Long Beach in Washington State, 45 km of sand grains gathered together so that you can walk on it without falling to the ground

The longest among the longest, this beach deserves however that we grant him love and attention.

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