1 Canada

Its quality of life, considered one of the best in the world, brings it to the tenth place in the ranking. For the rest, it’s no surprise: vast spaces, beautiful landscapes, sense of welcome Canada have almost no fault for the traveler.

2 Ireland

Okay, there is not necessarily a big sun from evening to morning. OK, you need to have a change of clothes just in case. But maybe that’s why Ireland is so popular with those who travel solo between two walks on deserted beaches and green hills, we take refuge in pubs. The Irish are considered nice and they have the sense of celebration and hospitality. And the country is safe.

3 Thailand

Islands, dream beaches, temples, a natural heritage still preserve. The ancient kingdom of Siam is one of the most visited countries in the world. It is on the criteria of adventure tourism forest treks, water sports that it stands out the most.

4 Brazil

The giant of South America – by its size and its population – has long been neglected by tourists. They discover little by little that Brazil is not only the carnival of Rio and its excesses. The country enjoys an ever-increasing popularity among tourists in need of adventure, a criterion for which it is world number. From the beaches of the Atlantic to the Amazon rainforest, there is a choice.

5 Greece

Not yet out of the crisis, the country continues to seduce by its cultural heritage – difficult to make richer! – its landscapes and its climate. The solo traveler never gets bored. Without the language barrier, the country would probably be even higher in the rankings.

6 Portugal

It is the trendy tourist destination in Europe. Ten million tourists in 2015 is seven times less than its Spanish neighbor, but it is 10% more than the year before. Solo travelers will discover a beautiful architectural heritage, beaches not yet crowded, beautiful golf courses Other advantages, and not least Portugal is safe and remains very cheap.

7 Australia

The country is at the top of all rankings, for years, for its quality of life. And Melbourne invariably wins the world’s most enjoyable city prize. This is enough to make the lonely traveler forget his immense desolate spaces where he will not meet many people of this can also be an asset.

8 New Zealand

Okay, it’s very far. But it’s THE destination that goes up. 3.5 million tourists visited in 2016, 12% more than the previous year. But it’s still far from the crowd. It is safe, stable, beautiful, and very popular with those seeking adventure tourism. A little raft in New Zealand, it’s tempting, right?

9 Italy

Southern Europe really seduces lonely travelers. Heritage, culture, landscapes, gastronomy, climate of Italy there are 50 million visitors in 2015, the fifth largest tourist destination in the world – has serious assets. Voters blame the country for its political instability. But the one-day traveler, solo or not, will not be affected.

10 Spain

The voters are unanimous: the Spaniards are nice. On this criterion, they are even the number 1 in the world. That may be the difference. Add a rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, and sunshine almost all year and everything to make it the perfect destination. Go alone, you will not stay long. The trouble is that it knows Spain attracted 68 million tourists in 2015, making it the third most popular destination in the world.

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