When we dream about Turkey, we imagine a hookah smoked nonchalantly watching the blue sea, carpet and bazaars full of odors, gleaming brass and jewelry, still coves lapped by crystal clear water, steppes semi- arid on which ensure a long snowy peaks of the year. In Turkey, the traveler will learn that the tulip originated in Anatolia and that there are more storks than in Alsace …

Turkey is an inexhaustible wealth. From the Bosphorus to Anatolia, from Lycia to the Black Sea, through Cappadocia, this country offers an incredible diversity of
landscapes, cultures and traditions.
Kindness, attention, hospitality scoff language barriers. Come and meet locals. Persuaded to be westerners, Turks welcome you as a cousin, and there is not much to scratch to find the treasures of the Ottoman hospitality.
Life, night and day, away from the turmoil border turns sweet to live.